I know you are and so am I

We can read each other’s intimate, private, violent, nasty, freaky thoughts on this world wide web thing and yet we’re STILL relatively ‘cool’ with one another!!! And you don’t even have to have advanced training or special abilities to access this mind-reading matrix! You can literally just shout out: ‘black man white woman’ like a damn caveman and within a fraction of a second an overwhelming stream of thoughts will suddenly appear in front of your face.

And you’ll be annoyed…

Because you weren’t exactly looking for ‘thoughts.’

You wanna know what a nation is REALLY thinking? Check its porn history. What we present to the world; our ideas, opinions, beliefs—just all that shit—is often contradicted by what we jack-off to; and interestingly, it is this gap between what we put forth and what we hide that may be causing all the drama (we’re fighting ourselves, it’s a self-destructive battle against what we WANT to believe about ourselves and WHO we really are; this internal struggle manifests as ‘the bullshit‘ we see playing out all over the world each and every day).

This is the REAL reason why we’re so up-in-arms about cyber surveillance. We don’t wanna be exposed. The proud Confederate flag waving ‘rebel’ doesn’t want the world to know he jacks-off to black gay porn and the militant kill-whitey black activist doesn’t want the world to know he sticks a butt plug in his ass while watching naked white girls jump rope…and ‘I’ don’t want y’all to know… Actually, let’s keep me out of this, I’m speaking abstractly.

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