What if Cliff spills the beans? Speaks openly and honestly about his motivations (world tour style, either free tickets or ALL proceeds going to WEAVE). Might be able to inspire empathy—not forgiveness—JUST empathy. I can see how fucking 20-year-olds who just minutes earlier were telling you the character you played on TV was like the father they never had could eventually start to weigh on your conscience. Might not wanna look ’em in the eye anymore. Might just wanna get what you WANT out of ’em and lean on plausible deniability in the morning. I’m sure there will be some who can ‘relate’ to his revelations, even if most of us don’t go to such PHYSICAL extremes to quiet our consciences so that we can relatively guiltlessly enjoy earthly delights, we do KNOW (very well) the impetuses behind such actions. We deal with them on a daily, hourly, minutely, secondly basis. Shit can actually get to us sometimes, cause all sorts of mental crises, that’s why we (weirdly) take solace in the bad behavior of others. It gives us a target to publicly rage at; a way to publicly (and hopefully mentally) distance ourselves from the ‘bad’ shit.

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