tom and sue

We’re messy as hell!!! Just runnin’ around, settling down for a few seconds, then getting lured away by someone else, settling down with them for a few seconds…rinse, repeat…all while whining our asses off about there being no good men/women and how no one will treat us like we deserve to be treated—this is what we lay on each NEW person; basically damning them from the start. Now they gotta kill themselves trying to be some exceptional example of what WE THINK a man/woman should be while walking on eggshells to avoid doing any of the laundry list of things we told ’em the countless other people did to us, and if they slip up and do ANY of these things we will pull out our broad brush and beat the evalovin’ shit outta them…

    “You’re just like all the other [BLANK] men/women. Matter of fact, [insert weaponized stereotypes here].”

And get this: they expect us to do the same for them???!!! Just so much sloppy, sloppy narcissism. I’ve been in these kinds of relationships most of my adult life. Two people just sittin’ by the exit door WAITING for each other to slip up so we can go be ‘justifiably’ messy…

    “Oh, you don’t think I’m cute anymore? No problem. There’s this girl who I met two minutes ago who does. I’ma hit her up and tell her about how you find me unattractive and she’s gonna stroke the fuck outta my ego all while shitting on you, and that’s just what my self-centered, desperate, needy ass needs right now.”

What a fucking mess! And yet we have the nerve to talk about the ‘sanctity’ of shit.


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