A Reasonless Rhyme: a far from comprehensive collection of short musings on the US of America


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The Civil War was about economics. Slave states had a good thing going, a genetically engineered service class (GENERATIONS of people BRED to be laborers) which allowed them to monopolize a lucrative industry. There was no way they were going to give that up without a bloody-ass fight.

* * *

The Declaration of Independence may have been written by dudes who were fulla shit (as in they were talking about all men being equal while being in POSSESSION of men), but like most wise words, they outlived their authors and took on new, more profound meanings; and once we get even further away from the intimate details of these dudes’ lives the words will become disembodied and take on a near divine quality. Kinda like religious texts.

* * *

The black/white issue in this country lowest common denominates to two peoples refusing to accept each other’s humanity. On one side we have uncivilized savages, on the other, world-plundering devil incarnates.

* * *

How can we have liberty for ALL if our ideas of liberty vastly differ? I may think it’s cool for gay people to mess up a good thing by getting married and you may think gay marriage is an abomination. Who am I to tell you you’re wrong and who are you to tell me I’M wrong? And if our government sees us bickering and picks a side, it risks alienating one of us. Seems by making this bold ‘everybody’s free’ claim we royally screwed ourselves; it is inherently fulla shit, as in: there is no way to ‘govern’ it.


What if we leave everything up to state governments? Better yet, city governments. Even better yet, county governments. Let’s create a shitload of separatist enclaves, all with different laws. Screw a More Perfect Union™. Actually, let’s take it a step further and make every man his own self-governable island. TRUE liberty. Damn, I’m starting to sound like a libertarian. Why am I so afraid of that, though? Probably has something to do with association. We hate being associated with people who we negatively judge no matter how much our perspectives align with theirs. We seem to believe that if we don’t see eye-to-eye on our so-called core issues then we must remain diametrically opposed to one another. Doesn’t matter if, for the most part, we jibe; those damn so-called core principles keep getting in the damn way; the ones constantly and very successfully tested by our curious minds. On the surface we may passionately wave different flags, but this passion is just a vehicle for our angst. Our confusion. It’s an exhaust of sorts. A place to put all the energy created by the constant foundational usurping.

It’s fear.

It’s pain.

* * *

No matter how much shit we talk, we are not THAT sure. We just ACT like we are to allay any doubts others may have about us. The irony here: We’re all bullshitting our natural-born asses off trying to be the one that appears to be the most sure; the most real. This is a futile endeavor because there is no ABSOLUTELY ‘RIGHT’ ONE (of our mortal selves) to confirm this ‘rightness.’ Just other fulla-shit, trying-way-too-damn-hard jokers like ourselves, yet that doesn’t stop us from falling head-over-damn-heels for the well-crafted ‘images’ presented by some of the more celebrated jokers. It’s kind of masochistic when you think about it. We’re out here killing ourselves trying to live up to an ideal that doesn’t even fucking exist! It’s just some bullshit image of ‘so-called’ perfect Blackness, Whiteness, Asianness, Englishness, Prussianness, et cetera.

* * *

Some of us have become so accustomed to either/or, black/white that we reflexively rage against nuanced viewpoints. All we ‘see’ are a few recognizable buzzwords and the author’s racial, sexual, religious, et cetera identity and just go the fuck off! And then when somebody else sees us going the fuck off they go the fuck off on us, and before you know it, it’s an all out war. Just a cartoon dust ball rolling away from the original point of the piece. But we didn’t come to the comment section of this story about married yacht enthusiasts who survived a harrowing night at sea to discuss their ordeal. We came because of the picture: Dude’s black, his wife’s white. We came here because we knew there would be an audience (read: enemy combatants) for our race-based bullshit. We came here TO fight.

* * *

Patriotism is narcissistic. Oftentimes when we’re proclaiming our love of country we’re only referring to a tiny little chunk of it; the place where OUR people reside.

* * *

Seems we concern ourselves more with WHO is doing the talking rather than WHAT is being said which causes us to miss out on dope shit because we’re too damn busy trying to determine whether or not the person doing the talking is or isn’t worthy of our attention. This is that bullshit that causes the atheist to dismiss the evangelist (“Oh, you’re just an idiotic believer of an ancient sun cult. Not interested in ANYTHING you have to say.”), the Christian to dismiss the Buddhist (“Sorry, you’re not saved; gotta be saved if you wanna get this ear.”), the American to dismiss the everybody-else-on-the-damn-planet (“I don’t even know that much about you to come up with a clever way to dismiss you.”).

* * *

The sensibilities of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X are often pitted against one another, however, they were both EQUALLY skilled at calling bluffs; most notably America’s ‘everybody’s equal’ bluff. Just hit YouTube, watch some of their interviews and you will see two men who were uncannily adept at careful, meticulous and graceful dissections of bullshit. You don’t detect one ounce of bitterness in their voices. Contrary to what their critics—both past and contemporary—may claim, this is incredibly ‘patriotic.’ Furthermore, when you merge their sensibilities you get a message that ALL Americans can get behind and that is that no matter our personal politics we ALL have a stake in seeing that ‘this nation rise(s) up and live(s) out the true meaning of its creed’ ‘by any means necessary.’

* * *

Instead of ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore’ maybe we should be saying ‘give me your self-important, fulla shit narcissists.’ Come on over and join in our couple-hundred-years-old shouting match, and who knows, with a little perseverance and a LOT of luck you might be able to get yourselves heard and THAT, when you think about it, IS The American Dream™. We want our bullshit to be heard, heeded. (Some of us use money, force, wit—or all three—to reach this goal.) You can see this national identity boldly express itself on social media: Everyone—from the black nationalist, to the white supremacist, to the evangelist, to the atheist, to the gossip columnist, to my preachin’-to-the-void ass—just blowin’ hard. THIS is the tie that binds us.

* * *

There is a definite troll culture at work in our society. We see it in everything from Confederate flag displays to ‘Unapologetically Black’ t-shirts to political bloviating. Just a’buncha ‘I wish somebody would say something’ angst-riddled posturing.

* * *

The DNA of many long-term Americans (black and white people’ve been messin’ about on this stolen land for a long-ass time) is a contradictory mess. Even though we’re so-called ‘enemies,’ our blood has been commingling for centuries. Yeah, I know we carry on like we’re PURELY this and PURELY that (just more’a that bullshit). Oh, and it doesn’t matter how the blood got in us, it’s in us and without it we wouldn’t even fucking be here!!! That means American racial supremacists—no matter their color—are essentially raging against their own existences. Oh, the beautiful, beautiful, quintessentially American irony. We are—as an entire fucking nation—gloriously fulla shit.

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