As Paul


You see this shit they got out? This Exodus shit? You see this shit? They got…what’s that white girl’s name they got in it? Name sounds like a damn sailboat. What’s her name? Fuck it, I’m just gonna call the bitch Ripley. They got Ripley playin’ Cleopatra. The bitch from Alien. She LOOKS like a damn alien in this shit. Who else they got? That’s right, they got fuckin’ Batman in this shit too. They got that muthafucka playin’ Ramses. I can’t make this shit up y’all. These muthafuckas got an alien and Batman in this shit. But that’s Hollywood. That’s what those muthafuckas do. But the shit backfired on ’em this time. Movie made two damn dollars at the box office. Yeah. For real. White folks weren’t buyin’ the shit this time. They were like, ‘You could’ve at least got Cuba. We woulda went to see Cuba.’ Fuck it, I’m gonna make a movie. I’m gonna make a movie about the Founding Fathers. Guess who I’m gonna cast? Guess. Fucking Wu Tang. Every last one of them muthafuckas. They go’n take turns. Different nigga every five minutes. And then I’m gonna follow that up with a movie about the British Royal Family with nothing but Mexicans an’ Puerto Ricans in it. I’m gonna get that bitch—what’s her name? The one with the titties. The one in that Modern Family shit. I’m gonna get her to play Princess Di. Don’t laugh y’all. Don’t laugh. I’m dead-serious. Fuck this shit.


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