the struggle

Seems like every generation digs creating struggle-based hagiographies about the technology of their youth while failing to mention how it was light-years ahead of the tech of previous eras. Blowing dust from a game cartridge isn’t just alien to kids to of the ‘current’ era, but those of several bygone eras. I mean for crying out loud, those cartridges allowed us to manipulate electric light clay?! Light clay that was lovingly molded into athletic Italian plumbers, intrepid boy explorers, speedy hedgehogs and so on and so forth. I’ve seen similar memes that speak to the ‘struggle’ that was lugging around portable CD players/cases, yet radios once looked like this!!! Oh, and grandpop, don’t you start gettin’ all hagio-eyed. No matter how big that thing was it still was a magical device that could snatch sounds of far-an’-wide origin right outta the damn air!!! Oh, and don’t you say nothin’ either, great grandma. With your access to portable collections of ideas and stories that transported you to exotic lands and into the deep dark recesses of other people’s minds, all without the need for batteries or any sort of external power source. Oh, and ancient-ass ancestor, you bet’ not— Actually, let me stop. I’m pretty sure you can see where I’m GOING with this.


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