You’re telling me THIS is happening now?! Like RIGHT NOW?!


But their land is illuminated while mine is covered in darkness?!

Yes, I know.

That doesn’t make no damn sense, though. It’s not possible!

It very much is.

How? Is this some portal into another dimension or something?

No. Right now their land is facing the light while your land is facing away from the light.

What the hell are you talking about? We OWN the light. At night it just goes behind those mountains over there, where it rests; and if we have been pious, obedient it returns.

The sun isn’t moving, we are.

Bullshit! That’s not how it works. The sun wouldn’t betray its CHOSEN people. You one blasphemous sumbitch, you know that?

I’m sorry if I have—

Please, just take your heretical alternate dimension viewer and leave.

It’s not a dimension viewer, it’s just a view from another side of the—


I’m terribly sorry if I have interrupted your blissful ignorance.

I’m not ignorant, I’m CHOSEN, big difference, now take your devil machine and go.

I get why you’re doing this, but it’s not gonna change the fact that the sun—


You are not the only people the sun ill—


All right man, I ain’t got time for this, I got other tribes to see.

You mean pagan-savages-who-worship-false-gods-and-as-a-result-will-burn-in-hell-for-eternity.



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