What the Hell?


In Minecraft’s Nether you cannot sleep. The game allows you to place a bed down, but the minute you try to lie down it blows up. This got me to thinking about the concept of eternal suffering. I’ve always thought such a concept would be impossible due to our adaptability. After burning in Hell for 10,000 (equivalent) years you might get used to it…unless the suffering got incrementally worse. Now THAT would suck.

You know that devastating feeling you get when you leave an air-conditioned room and walk out into 100 degree heat? The contrast is so extreme that the heat stings you more than it would had you been out in it for a few hours. In the concept of Hell I’m presenting here the ‘air-conditioned room’ would be ‘lesser’ intense suffering, but the contrast would be just as extreme. But what would be the rate of change? To ensure maximum suffering I would think it would have to be a ridiculously small increment of time… Imagine being outside on an extremely hot day and the temperature increasing a few degrees every nanosecond, and you had no way of seeking refuge. Not even death could save you.

Now if a place like this actually exists I would like to believe that it would take a whole HELLuva lotta cuttin’ up to get banished there. Like you would have to have actually CAUSED some incremental suffering of your own. Not some mundane shit like having consensual sex with another adult after a night out at Red Lobster.


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