I wanna be down…

Social media is like crack to serial panderers. And the more your pandering is co-signed the worse your addiction gets…

    “Oh shit, I got 100 likes when I called so-and-so a reverse-racist, fat-shaming sociopath. I guess I know what my next 47 posts are gonna be about.”

Whole ‘movements’ have been borne out of such pander continuums. Sometimes these movements originate within small minorities of genuinely concerned folks, but then the serial panderers get wind and do what they do best and then others pander to the panderers and before you know it a clusterfuck of pandering breaks out and the ‘genuine originals’ get buried under all the bullshit.

Some of us align ourselves with certain movements in order to win kudos, approval, acceptance. And you know what: What’s really WRONG with that? Yes, it may be disingenuous, but we do it for genuinely ‘primal’ reasons. We want to belong. Be a part of something.


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