Here’s my Back to the Future II spin-off idea (originally shared on my Twitter page) centering around the ‘screaming girl’ (Loretta) from this scene…

The setting is alt-2015. Loretta, now in her 30s and a producer on MJ’s (he’s alive in alt-2015) comeback tour…

His “This Is Only The Beginning” tour. She’s anxious because its next stop is Hill Valley. She dreads going back there. Horrible childhood.

Doc escapes the asylum, blends in with MJ concert-goers waiting outside Biff’s casino (concert venue). By chance he meets Loretta.

Loretta is distraught. She tells him how she despises Hill Valley. He understands. The place is a dump, even in 2015. He devises a plan…

He will go back in time to stop Biff, Loretta asks if he can drop her off in Hollywood in 1982 on his way back. He agrees.

Why Hollywood? Why 1982? So she can crash the “Thriller” recording sessions. Her fave MJ album. The only thing that made her childhood tolerable.

October 24, 2015 EDIT:

While in 1982 Mike falls in love with her. Inspires the creation of a song called “Love is Power.” Marsha Ambrosius will write the track and we’ll have one of these dudes sing it…

To bring Mike to life (this is a major selling point of this flick, other than its BTTF ties of course) we will cast an actor of similar build who is adept at mimicking the King of Pop’s mannerisms; his face will be digitally replaced with a hyper-real computer generated one. Something like this…

Or maybe we’ll just cast this guy

Of course, since this is 1982-era Mike some cosmetic ‘changes’ will have to be made.

October 28, 2015 EDIT:

Loretta, well into her relationship with Mike (early 90s, “Dangerous” has just been released), awakes one day to find a newspaper on her doorstep…from June…25…2009! On the front page: news of Mike’s death?! She is stunned.

October 31, 2015 EDIT:

Actually, instead of “Dangerous,” he releases “Safe.” As the film progresses we see that Loretta’s love is ‘saving’ Mike.

Also, the paper is from ‘our’ timeline, not her 2015A timeline. Loretta doesn’t know this, though. She thinks it’s a warning. Doesn’t tell Mike.

November 2, 2015 EDIT:

After dropping Loretta off Doc returns to 1985A where he eavesdrops on the scene where he is explaining the alternate 1985 concept.

This leads to an identity crisis. He takes up drinking. The time in the asylum was rough on him; he spent a lot of time alone thinking about the many ‘alternate’ Docs wandering about different timelines. He resolves to do whatever it takes to become the ‘one and only’ Doc Brown. While this…

…is going on he kidnaps himself and locks himself away in a cellar, then heads to Biff’s hotel to save Marty where they take off to 1955. Later, in 2015 (note: 2015 will be presented as it was in BTTF2; only ‘change’ will be Mike’s real-life story; since there is no mention of him being alive or dead in the movie it works), Marty is rummaging through Doc’s old place; he stumbles upon a program for the “This Is Only The Beginning Tour.” He is confused because the date of the concert is well after Mike’s death and it’s also wrongly named. He also stumbles upon some information about Loretta of whom Doc had grown fond of (in a father/daughter kind of way). This makes Marty a little jealous. Here is a guy who has seen many degrees of his family’s potential (good, bad, pathetic) and as a result feels kind of disconnected from them (he doesn’t know who they TRULY are), but Doc on the other hand, he KNOWS Doc…or so he thought!

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