carlos owens mech

Some so-called intelligent people are very skilled at crafting seemingly logical, emotionally neutral arguments about things that they are indeed illogically passionate about. I’m talkin’ inspired by real-ass people passion; like INDIVIDUALS attached to cemented-in-our-minds, life-impacting moments; people like ex-lovers, ex-friends, ex-coworkers, people who have rejected us, people who have wronged us—just a shitload of REAL flesh an’ blood who we have REAL and COMPLEX emotions tied to.

This is why a lot of the stances we take on social issues are woefully inconsistent; they are hyper dependent on how much we relate with the parties involved, which is usually the result of a snap judgment (“That person is the SAME ‘this’ as me.”). Then comes the intellectual funny business where we mold cherry-picked information to fit OUR narrowly-defined narratives. This intellectual ‘black magic’ is what makes smartly written pieces by either side of any issue so bloody irresistible. They are authoritatively presented appeals to our deeply narcissistic desire to be ‘right’…by any means necessary.

If you would like to read an example of this kind of writing…just reread this post.


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