Whenever something happens that attracts the attention of people all over the world; thanks in large part to its exposure in popular forms of media—both ones we curate1 (social media) and ones we merely patronize (corporate media)—we play the ‘reaction game.’ The first reactions are usually kneejerk (ignorant to the facts we make assumptions dictated by our emotions, which are usually driven by whether or not we superficially identify with the people affected), then come the kneejerk reactions to the kneejerk reactions and then more kneejerk reactions to those kneejerk reactions and so on and so forth until the clusterfuck of reaction becomes its own ‘thing.’

This is far from a linear phenomenon. Sometimes we react to a lack of reaction to a similar event that involved people we superficially identify with…which inspires an equally clustrfuck-y set of branching, snaking reactions (the event that wasn’t reacted to ‘sufficiently’ will be spitefully resurrected2). It’s all just a big game of (argumentative) call-and-response; we exploit the attention-grabbing pop culture moment to further our agendas and take passive aggressive shots at one another3.

This is nothing new of course. Everything from our history, to our artistic movements, to our religions exist ‘because’ of this ‘game’ (including the events we react to). Hell, even our physical bodies and the physical universe around us are the result of a chain of—origin unknown (likely infinite)—reactions; matter reacts to other matter and these reactions beget ‘new’ matter. Just like how reactions to events create ‘new’ events that we then react to which in turn crea— I’ll spare you as I could literally do this forever. Well, maybe not ‘literally’ forever because I’m a mere mortal, but then again, when I die the matter that was ‘once’ me will break down and become new matter which will— Shut up dude. Just shut the hell up and end this.

1. We ARE the media TOO!!! We can champion causes and stories we feel are being neglected by the mainstream without waiting to be ‘activated’ by their neglectfulness.

2. Weaponizing mainstream-media-neglected events to take shots at people ‘showing support’ for the mainstream-media-highlighted event is just as exploitative and self-serving as disingenuous condolences.

3. This post isn’t even immune, it is a reaction to reactions.

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