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I know I high-horse about ‘mainstream media mystification‘ all the time on here, but I get why we do this, I’m not immune myself. I’m well aware of the fact that mainstream media is basically the PR team for my superficial ‘type’: Brown-Skinned Male of a Multicultural Democratic Nation. (To parse that down to a popular brand: Black American Guy™) They are responsible for a reputation that precedes me around the globe. This brand informs peoples of far flung lands about ‘what to expect’ from me WELL before I even set foot on them. That means they probably think I can’t get enough of big asses, sex-dancing to songs about sex-dancing, slam dunking and non homemade sweet potato pies. I SHOULD have an interest in this! A VESTED interest! Instead I’m cold-shouldering it in favor of championing other streams, but maybe I need to train some of my attention on reforming the big-timers… Or just hope that there are other people around the world who aren’t concerned with living up to and/or avoiding their brand’s ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ expectations. People just naturally averse to ‘branded’ culture. Those I-go-wherever-my-fancy-flies types. Those Free Spirits™, those— Hey, what the fuck was that ™ shit all about?!

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