That old saying “If I knew then what I know now” is an expression of a lack of faith; during our ‘then’ time we were EXPLICITLY told about and/or were WITNESS to the shit we would later come to ‘know’ during our ‘now’ time, but we didn’t heed the knowledge back ‘then’ because we lacked faith in it; we had to experience it for ourselves first; even though throughout our lives we had sacrificial lamb after sacrificial lamb (those repeatedly-knocked-down-by-the-world-but-still-here golden-hearted sages who come in the form of family, people we knew, people who people we know knew, people who lived a long-ass time ago who no one we knew knew) drop PURE, REAL game on us?!

But why are we so damn hard-headed? Why can’t we JUST believe? Haven’t enough people already lived and lost? Haven’t enough people already failed? Haven’t enough people already suffered? Why must we continue the cycle? What is WRONG with us? It’s like there’s some hyper-narcissistic force that’s driving us to failover and over and over and over and over again.


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