Justify My Rage


Trump’s like a confident, non-self-effacing physical manifestation of a certain segment of society’s id. This ain’t nothin’ new though. So-called tell-it-like-it-is (read: tell-it-how-it-relates-to-ME-in-a-way-that-confirms-my-biases) ‘leaders’ have been gettin’ down like this for ages and every group’s got a few of ’em. However, not many get this close to becoming the so-called tell-it-like-it-is (read: tell-it-how-it-relates-to-ME-in-a-way-that-confirms-my-biases) ‘leader’ of the so-called ‘free world.’ They usually just write a few books, lead a few marches and/or get a show on a cable news network.

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