There’s a war-leading-to-periods-of-relative-peace-before-another-war-INEVITABLY-breaks-out-because-the-war-aka-‘collective-panic-attack’-precedent-has-been-set-and-as-a-result-we-will-now-defer-to-it-whenever-we’re-faced-with-conflicts-that-lack-easy-resolutions-because-we-don’t-have-the-existential-patience-to-consider-alternatives-ness wrapped up in this pic (and others in the series from whence it came) that I really dig.

Phenomena such as what happened in Paris, San Bernardino, Kenya and (unfortunately) et cetera are like wormholes: they bring the distant war (the time it takes to traverse the physical space between the place where the fight is occurring and the place where the government that authorized it resides tends to be so monumental that it creates a sense of ‘relative’ complacency in the land of its authorization) to the periods-of-relative-peace. A dynamic these pictures ‘illustrate’ in a sublimely macabre way.


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