It’s weird living with a dual-core processor that sometimes gives a WHOLE LOTTA fucks and then sometimes (virtually) none at all. Shit messes with me. Especially when it comes to ‘offending’ people. Sometimes I feel legitimately bad about it (like if I’m being childishly provocative in an effort to antagonize people, that ‘Hey look Christians, it’s the Devil fisting Christ! Doesn’t that offend you?!’ shit), other times I’m like: Fuck it, let ’em have whatever relationship they probably NEED to have with the material. It might actually be edifying for ’em; it can either test their resolve/conviction or expose their trying-WAY-too-damn-hard, self-important bullshit. As I’ve said before: I really dig comedy because it handles this in a sublimely and seemingly effortlessly way; a good joke can get you to involuntarily expose YOURSELF(!!!)….

“I KNOW I shouldn’t be laughing at this as it goes against EVERYTHING I stand for, but I just can’t HELP it.”


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