This is an album (among others) that I turn to whenever I need to feel doper than I actually am and I think that’s hip hop’s greatest ‘virtue’ (no matter how vulgar, misogynistic, homophobic its lyrics). Its infectious, gut-rattling beats (composed of I-don’t-give-a-fuck-I’m-using-that-break-by-any-means-necessary hijacked sounds) underpinned by (absurdly) hyperbolic, singsong-y braggadocio has helped everyone from suburbanites to athletes to politicians to Fortune 500-ers to college students preparing for a final exam (of many different racial, gender, sexual and ethnic stripes) get in touch with their (respective) inner baller/boss/whatever-new-epithet-it-will-probably-pioneer-that-will-be-used-as-a-descriptor-for-bad-ass-muthafucka-who-ain’t-got-time-to-worry-about-no-bitchmade-shit.

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