Wanna become a social media demigod? All you gotta do is find yourself a boogeyman and RELENTLESSLY dig into ’em every-damn-day. Oh, and for those of you on that ‘it’s JUST social media’ kick, I’m not talking about ‘just’ the online social media world, but popular forms of corporate-run social media and ancient social media as well.

If you’re unsure of who ‘your’ boogeyman is, just scroll your feed/timeline, or flip through a few channels on the tube. Whoever JUMPS out at you—like whoever you just can’t fucking stand on-sight—that’s your boogeyman! And you don’t even have to work that hard to create material about ’em, the shit will just pour outta you because the boogeyman is usually attached to some real, very painful life experiences (or just an intense fear). Well, not him EXPLICITLY, the experience had nothing to do with him. He just ‘looks’ like the person or people who facilitated your negative experience, and thus becomes ‘representative’ of them.

Representatives are dope, they give us an easily discernible target to train our focus on; the formlessness of what underpinned the experiences is too difficult for us to get a satisfying grasp on; we need ‘something’ to go after with our vitriol and/or whatever latest-craze boogeyman-destroyer we’ve dreamt up. In a sense, we appropriate the ‘demonic’ spirit (aka the nebulous and universal drive to inflict pain/punish) to destroy it. Shit’s diabolically ironic.


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