How much true, unconditional love were you witness to growing up? Not co-habitation or quick-burn lust, but deep, real-ass, not-all-wine-an’-roses-but-no-one-was-goin’-no-damn-where kinda love. Did your parents love each other? Your grandparents? Your aunts, uncles? Your friends’ parents? Next-door neighbors? Speaking for myself, I don’t recall seeing that many people in love (just PUTTING UP with each other) and I KNOW FOR CERTAIN this influenced my perception of relationships.

Communities lacking examples of love create individuals who don’t BELIEVE in love. What’s REALLY interesting is there are communities with churches on EVERY damn corner talkin’ about the unconditional love of God, yet many of the people who pile into them do so out of fear. Hmmmmmmmm……

Some time ago I listened to a WTF interview with self-proclaimed atheist Penn Jillette of “Penn and Teller” fame where he said the love of Jesus could not compete with the love he received from his mother. I found that profoundly intriguing. Especially considering the fact that those who tend to ‘cling’ to Jesus often come from environments that lack love. MALE love to be exact. And no, I’m not knocking Jesus, just speaking about the neediness of SOME people who enter into relationships with Him and how that neediness can potentially pervert the relationship.


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