A 2385

I have this dysfunctional love affair with the fulla shit, cognitively dissonant nightmare that is the U.S. of A. The place that shouts to the rest of the world (and itself)…

    “I fucking hate you. Actually, wait, I love you. Nah. I take that back. I just wanna be your friend. I mean no, I only tolerate you. Actually no…”

over and over again every single second of every single day. And we CELEBRATE this shit! We’re PROUD of this shit! It’s our NATIONAL FUCKING IDENTITY???!!! Funny how we have all these requirements for citizenship, but really, the only thing you need to get on well here is an ability to deal with this maniacal bullshit. No matter how many tests you pass or how much loyalty you pledge, if you can’t fuck with this it’s gonna be an uphill battle. Just ask these folks. Luckily they learned relatively quickly how to deal with the bullshit. They even added some of their own to the mix.


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