The Death of Football


Given the fact that the technology responsible for keeping players safe cannot keep up with the (sports medicine/cutting-edge training enhanced) genetic engineering that’s turning the players into increasingly deadlier vehicles of mass destruction, it may go the way of one of its (pictured) ancestors.

Not talking any time soon though. Maybe within the next one-hundred years or so……or maybe the hyper physicality of the game will be toned down a bit (or maybe this will become de rigueur). Like tackles would be anticipated by the refs resulting in ridiculously early whistles. Speaking of whistles

If I were an NFL coach my offense would be so simple any dumb QB with a cannon could run it. It would be nothing but shotgun, 4 receiver sets; the receivers would all run fly routes and my idiot cannon-armed dude would just chuck the ball as far as he could in their general direction, the receivers would then entangle themselves with the DBs and fall down which should guarantee us at least two or three pass interference calls per drive which would score us the ever auspicious ‘half the distance to the goal’ field position, from there we’d pound the ball in with our five-foot-five, 300 pound, ACC/SEC-alum, bedreaded, muscle-meatball of a running back.


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