Dreams be like…


Dreams are like Minecraft worlds created by our subconscious; its ‘blocks‘ are our life experiences (both fleeting and substantial), fears, desires, loves, curiosities, anxieties and a ton of other deep-rooted stuff. This is a thought that came to me while playing the game one night. It was raining (in the game), the wonderfully ethereal soundtrack was playing and I was immersed in the creation of my ‘house’; trying to position the windows just right so I could get a sunrise/moonset view on one side and a sunset/moonrise view on the other to be exact. I got so lost in it all that I felt like I was ‘inside’ the game, nestled in my comfortable (completely-safe-from-harm) little abode with its invitingly warm interior lighting and accouterments that—other than the bed—I couldn’t ‘really’ use, it just felt nice having them there and ‘I’ felt nice being ‘in’ there. Like REALLY nice. I thoroughly enjoyed the detached lucidity, the semi-effortless ways in which I was able to construct my personalized ‘safe space’ and move about the world around it. It was all very dream-like.


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