There are infinite ‘big bangs‘ going on all around us. The universe is like a never-ending fireworks display. (STARMINE!) Just new possibilities poppin’ off everywhere. But what drives this constant creation? Is there ‘something’ behind it all, and if so what is ‘inspiring’ this fevered, manic, infinitely tinkering artisan with way too many damn ideas and nothing but space/opportunity to make them an infinite reality? Maybe it’s ‘that.’ What I mean is: Maybe it’s the infinite possibility that’s the inspiration. Just imagine if you had ‘forever’ to do something, like ‘anything’ you could EVER dream. Imagine having an infinity to just sit and ponder what you wanted to do. You could procrastinate for like 7 gifthorzillion years before even doing anything.

Fuck, I wish I could procrastinate for 7 gifthorzillion years.


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