Is human existence nothing but a protracted suicide?


When it comes to the Gun Control Debate™ I can’t really pick a side. Like most ‘divisive’ issues I can see it both ways so getting mired in a tedious back-and-forth is of little interest to me, but what I find VERY interesting is the gun’s origin story: ‘why’ do they even exist? I mean seriously, what kind of suicidal-ass creature creates a device that within a near-instant can render a fellow member of its species dead? ESPECIALLY such a prone-to-flying-off-the-handle species?! Why would THAT species create a device that allows it to exact such devastating finality during aggressively temporary, highly emotionally-charged moments? Maybe it is this very nature that’s responsible for its creation. But what is ‘behind’ this nature? Why is this creature given to such destructive snap judgments? Is it fear? If so, what is it afraid of? Is it something external or internal? Perhaps this creature—hyper aware of the dark, twisted vagaries of its so-called ‘intelligent‘ mind—is deathly afraid of ‘itself.’ After all, this is a species that spends much of its time dreaming up all sorts of terrifying scenarios and then when… BANG! they happen in real-life, these fears become legitimized and it now has ‘justifiable reasons’ to arm itself.

Also, since this is a species saddled with so much crippling self-doubt that it doesn’t ‘believe’ it can EVER change its volatile nature (and since it ironically feels regret and guilt for the destruction this so-called ‘uncontrollable‘ nature causes) perhaps these efficient life-destroyers were created to allow it to ‘detach’ from the ‘barbarism’ of killing (read: bullshit itself into feeling ‘relatively’ innocent). Instead of bashing a fellow human’s skull in it can just pull a trigger, dispatch a drone, drop a bomb, fire a missile. It’s much ‘cleaner.’


I wonder if it’s ‘for real’ now; if it’s moved on from its ‘angsty teenager crying for help’ phase and is now serious about this wiping itself from the face of the globe thing. I mean just look at how blisteringly fast its new-fangled death instruments can destroy vast swaths of its peers?! Maybe it’s ‘really’ gonna do it this time. Maybe it’s had enough of prolonging the seemingly inevitable. Maybe it’s finally ready to put itself out of its existential misery.


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