Discounted Souls

A lot of our criticism of others seems to lowest common denominate to:

We’re so afraid of being exposed as frauds that we will readily exchange our souls for a ‘perverted’ peace of mind. ‘Perverted’ in the sense that we only experience this peace when we’re comparing and contrasting ourselves against the people we think are relatively ‘more’ wicked than us (this is the ‘soul exchange’ in action), usually in the agreeable company of those who are on the same ‘soul plan’ as us1.

None of these plans—no matter where we think we fall on the wickedness scale—can grant us ‘unlimited’ or ‘pure’ peace of mind; that ‘eternal,’ ‘heavenly’ stuff that a few of us have flirted with (sometimes with the aid of drugs and alcohol2), and even fewer (if any) LIVE—or have ‘lived’—it. Maybe that’s why we worship those who we believe did; those ‘divine’ ones we desperately want to ‘save’ us from our ‘perverted’ lives. And what if—in a practical sense—this divinity is real? As in: there may be something very ‘real’ inside each of us that is ‘fighting’ to save us (read: that nebulous thing that prevents us from offing ourselves ‘what’s the effing point?‘ style3)? Maybe that’s why we give it a relatable (to our species) form.

1. Perfect example of this: Social media posts/internet articles raging against a boogeyman followed by an endless stream of agreeable, giddily malicious commentary.

2. Irony: drugs and alcohol are like nicotine patches we’ve created to overcome our addiction to fear.

3. You can say this is simply due to our will to live, but what ‘is’ this will? What ‘drives’ it? Maybe when we’re ‘saved‘ we’re actually ‘surrendering’ to this will. We let go and ‘return’ to the innocence we were born with, in other words: we become ‘born again.’ Also, what if this ‘thing’ is just some self-preservation genetic program that we construe as (or BELIEVE is) a loving force? But no matter what we think/believe it is, WHY is it there? What are we being preserved ‘for?’

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