Support Our Fears


I think some of the more zealous Support The Troops™ noise out there is over-compensation for an intense feeling of guilt; not over what we ‘let’ our government do to ‘our boys,’ but what we let our fear do to them. Our fear is what sent them ‘over there,’ to die and be maimed (physically and/or mentally). We saw this…

…and wanted immediate revenge on those who forced us to have to ‘witness’ such an atrocity. This was a heretofore inconceivable horror. It gave us something ELSE to worry about—a ‘new’ fear, an ‘original sin’—and somebody had to pay for it.

And off ‘our boys’ went to die…all because we refused to pause. We weaponized our fear instead of stopping to consider what was REALLY going on. But let’s be real, there was no damn way we were gonna do that. We had too ‘good’ of a reason to go fight; too ‘justifiable’ a reason to send men and women in the prime of their lives to die. But don’t worry, we’ll ‘support’ ’em. We’ll pin a’buncha ribbons on shit, slap some stickers on shit, wave flags all over the damn place, talk tough shit on TV (read: overcompensatingly and disingenuously rage at ANY perceived slight to their sacrifice); but whatever we do, we’re not going ‘over there’ ourselves. There’s no fucking way we’re doing that (even if we support the war and are of fighting age). We didn’t sign up for that shit. THEY did. And speaking of signing up to be a potential sacrifice for someone else’s fear: What if REALLY supporting the troops wasn’t allowing our fear to be so easily exploited?


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