Faux Shame


If I post a pic of my not-in-the-greatest-shape self talking about how I am ‘just’ as sexy as The Rock, while knowing damn well that I WISH I had the determination and drive to put the work into my body that he does, and then cry that I am being ‘body shamed’ the second someone calls attention to my love handles I am full of fucking shit!1 And ironically, my NEED to ‘flaunt’ would expose just how much I LACKED confidence. If I ACTUALLY felt like I was The Shit™ I wouldn’t need to seek corroboration or shout down critics with platitudinous bullshit.

Yes, Society™’s beauty standards are bullshit, but so is leaning on Political Correctness™ and fishing-for-‘likes’ faux confidence. The I’m-just-as-sexy-as poster wants ‘credit’ for their so-called boldness, but how ‘bold’ is the statement if critiques of it are met with an overwhelming stream of vehement, hackneyed, copy-pasted arguments? In other words: The ‘boldness’ is more popular/socially acceptable than critiques of it. They’re WINNING, but acting like they’re losing for style points. Look, I understand, putting forth a brave face may help their low self esteem peers feel better about themselves; however, admitting that you’re not that cool with how you look/feel may actually be more beneficial to the people you breathlessly ‘claim’ you want to empower. And ironically, might even be a ‘bolder’ statement.

Sometimes you gotta ask yourself: Am I more activist/advocate or narcissist? It’s a ratio (cause:me) and the more the ratio tilts in favor of the the former, the more effective you will be as an advocate/activist. Of course I could be wrong, but I don’t think hyper narcissists inspire unity. Too much demigod-y leading from top-down as opposed to eye level. This kind of ‘leadership’ begets further narcissism which results in ‘movements’ that are less about bettering lives and more about making it okay to be unabashedly self-righteous and vain, and that’s dangerous because neglected insecurities have the potential to manifest themselves in weird, self-destructive ways.

1. What makes this doubly bullshit is the fact that I wouldn’t suffer the same arrogance coming from a dude who was in great shape (“Look at this cocky muthafucka. With his pecs an’ abs an’ shit. Don’t he know that shit’s only cute when you’re built like Jiminy Glick?”)


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