Murdering the Messenger


The other day I came across a dude who was passionately and confidently challenging the veracity of various Bible stories in an effort to disprove the existence of God, but his diatribe came off more as a ‘response’ to how the ‘concept of god’ was most commonly ‘presented’ to him, which was more than likely by people he may have once been DEEPLY mystified by; people he once TRULY BELIEVED had ALL the answers. This is an angst I know all too well; it led to me proudly proclaiming myself an atheist, yet I wasn’t a ‘true’ non-believer, as a ‘true’ non-believer would have been completely divorced from even the ‘concept of god’; not incessantly attacking the most prominent vessel in which it was presented. That’s like a guy with zero inclination to become a woman raging about his lack of tits.


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