The light you see reflecting on the surface of the water is based on the camera’s unique perspective. If you were standing where the photographer stood you would see this perspective as well.

If we all lined a beach to watch the sunrise we would perceive a singular phenomenon in a multitude of ways.

That streak of light appears to be resting atop the water. I mean I can see it. I can see it!!! It has to be real!!! What is this “multitude of ways” nonsense? The light is pointing directly at me!!!

And it’s pointing directly at me…too. It’s real for me AND real for you.

You can criticize the collection of teachings (or lack thereof) that I turn to for solace, you can call these teachings evil, even tell me I’m deceived, but why MUST you do that? No seriously, why do you HAVE TO do that? If you have the ultimate answer to the cosmic question then when you lay it on me it should make absolute sense to me. Why doesn’t it? Maybe it’s because you can’t see my light. My reflection. But it’s right there, on the water. You can’t see it? Here, let me move, stand right there, where I was standing. See? Isn’t that beautiful?

It’s exquisite.

You mean beautiful?

No, I meant exquisite.

Oh okay, whatever, that works. It can be beautiful to me and exquisite to you.

No, it’s ONLY exquisite.

Damn it. Here we go with this dogmatic nonsense again. We gotta be careful with this stone throwing stuff folks. We’re putting all our business out there via this on-line alternative universe. Just make sure that if you dish it out you can take it.


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