You hit me first!
No, you hit me first!
No, you hit me first!
Whatever man, yeah I hit you, sorry, wanna stop doin’ this?
No, I want to keep on hitting you!
For how long?
Until I feel I’ve hit you enough.
When will that be?
Until you die or until I die.
What about after that?
That’s up to my kids. I’ll tell them that you hit me first and they will be mad at you and probably hit you, if you’re still alive of course, and your kids.
Oh, wow, that’s pretty harsh, but my kids have nothing to do with this. Why can’t our kids just be cool with each other?
Because they are the spawn of an evil person. You are evil for hitting me first.
I’m not evil, matter of fact I’m kind of starting to like you. All this yelling and carrying on we do is kind of stupid. I’m tired of it. I was tired of it a long time ago, but I couldn’t say anything because it seemed like you weren’t gonna stop tryin’ to kick my ass.
I’m not and my kids will not. I will teach them.
Some may follow you, but I’m sure some are gonna reject you and hang out with my kids and they may realize that they don’t really hate each other. It’s just our dumb asses.
Well, then they are weak if they give in to your tempestuous ways. Remember, you are evil.
Okay, I get that part. I’m evil. But what about my kids, will you give them a chance to be not evil at least? I mean you don’t have to worship them. Just give ’em a chance to show you that they ain’t all that bad.
But you are evil, that means you can only reproduce evil.
Funny thing is, your kids who reject those teachings will find out my kids are actually kind of cool and they’re probably gonna hang out with each other. I was actually flirting with the idea of teaching my kids about you and all this fighting from my point of view and then I changed my tune…figured I’ll just tell ’em how much the fighting hurt and that it was FUCKING STUPID!
See, there you go, with that language. Pure evil. Do you talk to your kids with that mouth?
Sometimes, like when the fighting starts to wear me down.

The two bars in the above pic are the same exact shade, their relative position to the horizontal black and white bars tricks your brain into seeing two distinct shades. Just check out the picture below…


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