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A View From Above


There is something about this image (taken by NASA’s Juno satellite) of Jupiter’s north pole that I find a bit disconcerting. I’ve become accustomed to a particular image of the planet. You know the one, the shot with the alternating horizontal streaks of peach and white, offset by the gas giant’s most recognizable feature—that perpetually churning ‘red spot.’

Seeing my beloved planet from this angle just doesn’t feel ‘right.’ Maybe it’s because I’m looking ‘down’ on it, which seems to mitigate its superlative planetary prowess. Don’t get me wrong, I’m giddy as fuck about these new perspectives; I’m probably just a little overwhelmed. I kinda love this shit.

Checking the Box

Man…when we get a new epithet we can use to dismiss vast swaths of people we run that sucka into the ground! I’m not exempt from any of this (I really need to stop saying that, as if the number of times I contradict myself on here isn’t telling enough). There’s a new one I’ve been seeing in my e-travels: skruzzo. I’m not going to define it for you. You can hit Google for that. I’m sure once you do this’ll happen…

    “Oooooooh, I actually know a guy like that. I didn’t know they had a name! Awesome! Now I have a box to put him in. Can’t wait to throw it at him during our next Facebook debate! He’s gonna be so pissed!”

Okay, you might not do all that, but you get my point. When we notice similarities between individuals we group them. It’s hard for us NOT to do this. We’re obsessed with quantifying and measuring things. And while we’re grouping others they are grouping us. How we feel about the group in which we are most often placed factors into how we feel about ourselves, and this feeling is typically based on how others feel about the group in which we are most often placed…others ‘outside’ of our group to be exact.

One teeming-below-the-surface irony you’ll find in discussions where high-negative-perception group people are talking about whether or not their high-negative-perception is responsible for their shared problems is an intense mystification: an odd kind of ‘reverence’ for the groups whose members are thought to possess the high-negative-perception. Their LIVES become DICTATED1 by the OTHER group’s perception. And no, high-positive-perception people aren’t immune to this. Their existence is EQUALLY reflective.

I shouldn’t have to point out the irony that I just did this (especially after already doing as much at the top of this post). But I gotta do it. I don’t want people thinking that I think I am better than them. I don’t want them to develop a negative-perception of me based on that. Why though? Ain’t shit I can do about that. Besides, they will never know if I ACTUALLY feel that way. I could confirm or deny it. Doesn’t matter. They will never know how I TRULY feel. So screw them. But who are they? Who are these people who think I think I’m better than? How do I even know they exist? Oh yeah, that’s right. I’ve known some (or ‘a sum of’) people who’ve told me that they thought I thought that I was bett—

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Shapes in Space

I just love, love, LOVE this clip!!! And the story behind it is so bittersweet. Here’s the abbreviated version: This was the test done by special effects legend Phil Tippett to show Steven Spielberg that hyper-real stop motion animation was possible. And as you can see, it very much is/was. I mean damn! Just look at it! It looks like it’s breathing!!! So tactile. So THERE. Apparently it wasn’t ‘there’ enough; Spielberg—dazzled by what Dennis Muren and his team accomplished with computer generated imagery in Terminator 2: Judgment Day—decided to forgo Tippett’s go motion in favor of computer generated animation.

I didn’t find out about this until many years after I’d seen the movie. Ever since then, I have wondered what certain scenes might have looked like with go motion dinos instead of CG ones. Especially this one…

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Time is like a service bot that has been programmed to do an intensely nano-focused, super-meticulous task over-and-over-again. That task: measuring the distance between objects in space and the relative rates in which those objects change. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years are all measurements of RELATIVE distance. There is also a ‘distance’ between one thing transforming into another thing (read: those ‘relative rates of change’), but here’s the rub on all of this: rates of change aren’t REALLY relative. Yes, it may seem like it takes longer for a mountain to evolve into form than a flower to grow, but at what ‘point’ does the FIRST change occur? When does a thing say “Time to become another thing now” and then START to become another thing? Also, WHERE do these changes occur? They seem to happen right out in the open: a boy becomes a man, a single-celled organism becomes a dinosaur, caterpillars become butterflies, seasons change, we live/die—but we never SEE these changes (even though they’re happening right IN FRONT OF OUR DAMN FACES). All we see are the illusory beginnings and endings of infinite, yet hidden core (nuclear) reactions; the changes never REALLY begin nor end because they’re always HAPPENING!!! Infinitely!!!

This concept is hard to wrap our brains to wrap around because they don’t want to ‘wrap around,’ they want to ‘lay it out’…linearly, beat-to-beat.

It is very, very hard for us to let go of time. After all, it’s our baby; our artificially intelligent creation. It helps us make sense of the relative, all-around us, infinite mess.

Here, let’s conduct a little experiment…

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Ahead of Time


I think we underestimate the technologically advanced society that is/was/will be our world without hyper-relative clocks. Those tick-tockin’ sumbitches that produce arbitrary nonsense like 3:27, 2143 or the hyper-gay ‘half past ten.’ Imagine these pedantic-ass robots gone, our knowledge of ’em gone too. Imagine the No Man’s Sky-like experience perceiving the world would be! (Nights would last forever). No constant reminder of how close we are from sunset, sunrise. We could just take it easy. The light will show itself eventually, as will the dark, and even THEN we STILL got a’few more MOMENTS until ‘absolute either’ takes over/goes away.

I think this dynamic led to feats of engineering like what we see above. Our ancestors weren’t slaves to time, they relished in moments, they understood that light and dark are two deeply connected states. Actually, we STILL understand this…so why did we have to go an’ break ’em up into a’buncha little bits? Now we got buses an’ trains that leave at 6:54. 6:54???!!! That’s such an exact-ass time! Makes sense though. We gotta be at an exact-ass place at an exact-ass time.

This is the ‘exacting’ world we’ve created for ourselves: A series of relative points scattered about the globe and us incessantly counting how many ‘beats‘ we can squeeze in-between them.



During tax time I came across a Facebook post/ad from a well-known tax-preparation company and the vast majority of the commentary that followed reduced to: “They charge too much. It’s cheaper to prepare your own taxes. And you get more money back.” which meant that instead of merely ‘liking’ the first instance of this popular opinion, people felt compelled to offer up ad nauseum cover versions of it. This is a phenomenon you will see under damn near every popular article on the web. Very little banter, just over-eager parrots. Question is: Why do we do this?

Maybe it has something to do with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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The Constant Equation


We’re all hypocrites, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. Actually, it’s the only TRUE thing. It’s the inherent ‘nature’ of everything (all this infinitely relative diverse stuff) is hypocritical. Matter ‘contradicts’ other matter; doesn’t matter if it is similar (my twin, although ‘like’ me is NOT me, he exists AWAY from me in another body) or completely different; all matter possesses a fundamental difference as every piece of matter is ‘other than’ another piece of matter. Of course there’s a twist to this: Constant contradiction cancels itself out, it means everything is differently the same—infinite fundamental difference becomes infinite fundamental sameness (∞ = ∞) which creates this tail-eating absurdity…

    We live in a world of zero absolutes—or zero 1s. But look around…ONES are ALL you see—an endless sea of absolutely defined objects. This shouldn’t be possible! There should be no-THING here, not even space to accommodate the matter. But then again…

    The fact that there are ABSOLUTELY zero absolutes IS an absolute itself! However…since this truth is made up of a mess of bullshit it’s not really A thing—just parts masquerading as a whole; only absolute in theory, not in reality, but look… Look at all this stuff… Infinite undeniable whole 1s… Everywhere!

…and around and around the circle of perception we go. Almost seeing things for what they are and then being suddenly blinded by smoke and mirrors. Like literal smoke and mirrors. Well, semi-literal smoke and mirrors: By ‘smoke’ I mean matter and by ‘mirrors’ I mean the method in which we perceive said matter: we relate everything to ourselves.

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