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The United States of America™ is the most recent (and most ‘popular’) brand of Diverse Peoples Whose Ancestors Evolved In Different Places, Under Different Climates Living ‘Relatively’ Peacefully In ONE Place. Such places are beacons for criticism because they don’t make ‘sense.’ How can such a diverse collection of human particles come together without ‘banging’ into oblivion (read: descend into an orgy of xenophobia-driven death an’ destruction)?! Perhaps the incredulity is due to the fact that we don’t believe we can unite our-goddamn-selves! If we’re such individual messes, how can we live in peace with others who are either equally or more messy than we are? But here’s the rub: We desperately WANT to believe this, hence our boiling over frustration (all that “I have rights!” stuff) whenever ANYTHING happens that contradicts this notion. Shit’s kinda beautiful. In a fucked up sorta way.


Light Ones : Dark Ones

I wonder if the damn near global deification of ‘light’ skin has less to do with the self-aggrandizing PR that The West™ has spread around the world, and more to do with a ‘simple,’ primal relationship with literal light and dark. Primarily our prehistoric understanding of light’s capacity to illuminate dark, scary places (the dynamic that likely influenced the arrogance and entitlement that led to the aforementioned wag-the-dog PR). Just think about it: We’ve only been ‘light creators‘ for a relatively short period of time. Before that, we were hyper dependent on the sun to ‘save’ us from the darkness (hence our pedantically precise measurements of light and dark; see: solstices, equinoxes).

We coveted the light and feared the dark; and since we’ve never really overcame this fear, the fact that we consider the peoples who look ‘like’ the light ‘good/right’ and those who mirror the darkness ‘bad/wrong’ kinda makes evolutionary sense. But here’s the ironic—possible existential crisis—causing rub: The peoples who evolved under the sun’s most intense wrath developed a defense from it; a ‘dark’ defense. I wonder if our ancestors who decided to leave the equatorial region to settle in more temperate climates where they ‘lightened’ up—prior to leaving—thought this was an ‘offense’ (a curse; one they were ‘born into’) and the subsequent transformation they experienced; as well as their ‘discovery’ of ‘new’ seasons; only confirmed this. Oh, and enduring shit like this probably corroborated their king-of-the-hill self perception; solidified their chosen-one status.

The fight to be.


“Damn, all my cliches are bouncing off this argument, but no matter what, I’m gonna keep chucking ’em at it. I’ll be damned if I give up now. I’ve been buying this school-of-thought my whole damn life, it’s even intrinsically linked to my persona. If I lose it then I’m nothing and I’ve worked so hard to be something.”

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Ambam’s Burden

Ambam gorilla
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Much of our e-rage ain’t nothin’ but temper tantrums dressed up in hackneyed platitudes and intellectual posturing intended to sting the people we didn’t have the balls to go after at the time they were comin’ after us; all emboldened by hand-selected, aggressively pandering, pitchfork-wielding mobs who take up residence in our ‘thought ghettos’; dead-end places blighted by dismissiveness and a highly addictive substance called myopia.

Days, weeks, months, years, even decades devoid of experiential diversity compress time; creating perceptual wormholes like: New Year’s Eve celebrations that seem to run together like morning pisses.

AB Negative

AB Negative

The inconsistency in our approaches to hot-topic social issues may be attributable to fluctuating, self-serving rationales that are driven by biases we may not even be aware we possess. Here are some prime (recent) examples of this narcissistic dissonance in action…

    “You can’t judge all cops based on the actions of a few. Most cops are good.”

    “I’m so sick and tired of hearing about how Islam is a religion of peace. They’re all blood-thirsty savages and we need to carpet-bomb their nations and convert them all to Christianity.”

    “These people need to stop talking about ‘all lives matter.’ We ain’t on that right now. We talkin’ about BLACK lives! Would you interrupt a breast cancer awareness rally to talk about prostate cancer?!”

    “Everybody weepin’ for Paris, but what about Kenya, Beirut?! Y’all weren’t crying for them! Y’all weren’t praying for them!”

Typically, when A and B are made aware of their ‘dichotomy of principle’ they blame each other: “Well, he/she does it too!” or “Well he/she did it first!” All this does is further expose the deep-seated narcissism driving their perspectives. And to be real, most of the time they don’t give two fucks about the ‘issues’ (even the ones their hearts supposedly bleed for), they’re actually more interested in one another (shit’s kinda romantic); they are magnetically drawn to each other, they can’t get enough of each other. The ‘issues’ are just fodder for their schoolyard, tit-for-tat, nana-nana-boo-boo bullshit. What’s funny is how much they TRULY believe they are diametrically opposed to one another. Yes, they may have different opinions, but the machinations behind those opinions are exactly the same…just like the A and B in this picture.