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Revolutionary Empathy

The most troubling bit about the rash of stories involving unarmed civilians killed by authority figures that have dominated the news cycle over the last couple years isn’t their seeming frequency. Yes, the fact that there seems to be a new one every few days is beyond alarming, but despite what social and the news media suggests, cops aren’t running around shooting everybody (just like most young Muslim dudes don’t spend their days calling for jihad and most black/Latino kids aren’t in street gangs). What’s REALLY troubling about these events is how they expose the lengths some of us will go to convince ourselves that another human-fucking-being DESERVED to die.

It doesn’t matter our reasons either; doesn’t matter if we’re having difficulty accepting that the people tasked with our protection are capable of such things (which is odd given that behind every badge is another human-fucking-being dealing with real human-fucking-being shit), nor does it matter how much ‘less’ of a human we think the victim was; to THAT PERSON (and their friends/family) they were just as much of an eat/shit/sleep/die human as us; this we cannot explain away (no matter how much we lean on bullshit “but they stole a candy bar when they were six” rationalizations). It all boils down to us damning another person to DEATH for VIRTUALLY nothing

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Murdering the Messenger


The other day I came across a dude who was passionately and confidently challenging the veracity of various Bible stories in an effort to disprove the existence of God, but his diatribe came off more as a ‘response’ to how the ‘concept of god’ was most commonly ‘presented’ to him, which was more than likely by people he may have once been DEEPLY mystified by; people he once TRULY BELIEVED had ALL the answers. This is an angst I know all too well; it led to me proudly proclaiming myself an atheist, yet I wasn’t a ‘true’ non-believer, as a ‘true’ non-believer would have been completely divorced from even the ‘concept of god’; not incessantly attacking the most prominent vessel in which it was presented. That’s like a guy with zero inclination to become a woman raging about his lack of tits.

The Anti Thesis

If it seems that it is YOUR LIFE’S WORK to deconstruct the teachings that corroborate a person’s faith OF COURSE they are going to perceive you as an enemy. Maintaining faith is hard-as-hell…so why would anyone WANT to make it harder? And what does the serial deconstructionist even get out of it? Don’t they see that the person-of-faith WANTS (by any means necessary) to maintain their faith? Don’t they realize that it is the only thing keeping them sane?! What KIND of person would want to take that away from them? And it doesn’t matter if what they believe sounds like the most hogwashiest of hogwash, the question remains: ‘Why?’—Why would someone work so damn hard to destroy SOMEONE ELSE’S ‘only thing that works?’ Perhaps deconstruction is the ‘only thing that works’ for the deconstructionist; which is sublimely ironic because: although the deconstructionist may claim to want to do away with religion, a huge part of who they are is reliant on its existence (i.e. They can’t shut the hell up about it). Maybe they feel their ‘thing’ is threatened by the person-of-faith’s ‘thing’ (just like the person-of-faith may feel their ‘thing’ is threatened by the deconstructionist’s ‘thing’) and they gotta go all Highlander there-can-be-only-one on that ass.


The United States of America™ is the most recent (and most ‘popular’) brand of Diverse Peoples Whose Ancestors Evolved In Different Places, Under Different Climates Living ‘Relatively’ Peacefully In ONE Place. Such places are beacons for criticism because they don’t make ‘sense.’ How can such a diverse collection of human particles come together without ‘banging’ into oblivion (read: descend into an orgy of xenophobia-driven death an’ destruction)?! Perhaps the incredulity is due to the fact that we don’t believe we can unite our-goddamn-selves! If we’re such individual messes, how can we live in peace with others who are either equally or more messy than we are? But here’s the rub: We desperately WANT to believe this, hence our boiling over frustration (all that “I have rights!” stuff) whenever ANYTHING happens that contradicts this notion. Shit’s kinda beautiful. In a fucked up sorta way.

A Fag, a Nigger and a Spic walk into a trap…

An ‘offensive‘ joke that references race, religion, sexuality or any other ‘sensitive’ subject matter is like a fragrant, impossible-to-resist hunk of cheese that attracts identity fetishists; brings them out into the light and then SMACK!!! traps ’em. Now we can all gawk at ’em; see just who among us is ADDICTED to their superficial identities; see who is fighting tooth-an’-nail to keep their heads above the surface; the ones afraid to dip below to that unifying regardless-of-‘who’-you-THINK-you-are-love-is-love-and-fear-is-fear place. That ‘bloody truth’ that comedians trade in.

The great thing about a (good) ‘offensive’ joke (not talkin’ about that hacky “look at me saying ‘nigger’ without any context just for a cheap, unfunny thrill” shit; there’s nothing ‘edgey’ about doing jokes about rape or other so-called taboo subjects when you are far removed from the source of the joke) is how it exposes the diversity of our fakeness. Some comics avoid mining this territory for fear that the butt of their jokes may publically object, and—given the vociferousness/notoriety/level of ‘victimhood’ of the objector—could result in the comic being labeled (read: ceremoniously ‘branded’) a Racist™, Sexist™, Homophobe™, etc.

But you know what?

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The fight to be.


“Damn, all my cliches are bouncing off this argument, but no matter what, I’m gonna keep chucking ’em at it. I’ll be damned if I give up now. I’ve been buying this school-of-thought my whole damn life, it’s even intrinsically linked to my persona. If I lose it then I’m nothing and I’ve worked so hard to be something.”

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Ambam’s Burden

Ambam gorilla
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