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“Shut the hell up already!!!”


Activists are fucking annoying. All they do is whine and whine until they get what they want. They’re just a’buncha perpetual nuisances who shout repetitive, droning catchphrases, but damn it if they don’t get results; after enough impassioned rhetoric, marches, boycotts, sit-ins, destructions of property (and memes) institutions (both corporate and political) become fatigued and begrudging policy change results. Even private individuals can be swayed by this (at times ‘white noise-esque’) persistence. They too can be ‘annoyed’ into Tolerance™ and/or Political Correctness™, but here’s the rub: all the stuff that fuels our prejudiced mindsets doesn’t just magically disappear post annoyed-into-acquiescence; it lies dormant, then resurfaces after the tension of suppression becomes too much to bear. That’s why we’re sat here—in this time of hoverboards and flying cars—shrugging our shoulders, wondering why we haven’t reached the proverbial mountaintop yet.

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Divine Hypocrisy

How can we reconcile with the fact that we ALL benefit from CONTEMPORARY slave labor? How can we jibe with the fact that much of what we consume—from the shoes we wore to the protest march, to the laptop we used to write the 15,000 word diatribe against patriarchy/racism/homophobia, to the phone we used to organize the sit-in—were produced by modern-day slaves? How can we JUSTIFY this? How can we be out here soap-boxing so damn hard AGAINST oppression when in a very REAL way WE are FUNDING the oppression of others? Maybe we’re ‘justice narcissists1‘; only concerned with issues that affect us. And actually, that makes perfect sense. It’s not OUR responsibility to fight for THEM. If they don’t wanna be slaves then THEY need to do something about it. After all, we’re too busy trying to get other people to treat our people fairl—

Damn it.

I know some of you are thinking: ‘What am I supposed to do, then? Nothing?’ No. Not saying that. Do whatever you want. Just pointing out a peculiar little unavoidable irony. Also, it might not be all that bad to take a couple moments to, at the very least, CONSIDER our stances before rushing to be a part of SOMETHING just because we see some people who look like us in the crowd. Speaking of ‘looking like us,’ let’s address this race stuff (again) real quick…

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