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Brave New W0r1d

Earlier this year the CEO of Carl’s Jr. announced that he wanted to replace his restaurant’s workers with machines, citing millennials’ aversion to face-to-face exchanges as chief among his reasons. To his point: I (a borderline millennial) find myself favoring stores that have self checkouts; they feel like personal, well-stocked pantries/warehouses that I can just wander into, grab what I need and dip. In a way I am part of this Randian problem. But is it ‘really’ a problem?

Yes, a robotic work-force could potentially cannibalize the economy, but what ‘special irreplaceable value’ do fast-food workers add to the fast-food dining experience? There is a brainless, assembly-line quality to the process of taking orders and filling them that machines could probably do more efficiently and with virtually zero disdain/ineptitude/fatigue. This could be a boon for the consumer who has grown weary of wasting their hard-earned on botched orders (“How you gonna forget the chicken though?! That’s in your goddamn name!”). And furthermo—

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“I’ll never forget that time we visited Quinn Aevan Studios. One of the modelers there showed me this program that recreated fluids. In real time he splashed virtual blood onto a virtual wooden floor. Scared the shit outta me. It flowed and stained so realistically. He implored me to try. It was simple, he said. All I had to do was pass my hand over this slim black bar and blood would fly everywhere. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t like how excited he was. He seemed mad.”

INT./EXT.01 by Ray G.


“It’s all about the glitch. No matter how advanced the programming, there will always be room for glitches. Oddly enough, the more complex the machine, the more susceptible it is to glitches because of the ridiculous amount of virtual synaptic connections complex artificially intelligent systems possess, and there is no way to comprehensively understand the ‘nature’ of all of these connections. As a result, there will always be room—or voids—for glitches to exploit.”

naked black girls by Ray G.

On Acting: the surface and the spirit

Click the hyperlinks for a more comprehensive understanding…I know, I say that all the time, but I mean it…the article is the surface, the links are the spirit underneath…see what I did there? Clever, right? To be honest, you can just watch the embedded videos and click the links, you don’t even have to read the damn article.

The internet is abuzz with criticism about the casting of Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone. Most of it (damn near all of it) centers around the fact that Saldana is of a significantly lighter hue than Simone. Why is this such a big deal? Well, Hollywood isn’t exactly teeming with opportunities for darker-skinned black women so when a huge role like this comes along that seems tailor-made for a darker-skinned actress but instead is given to a lighter-skinned actress people get mad. I understand the frustration. I get it. More of the same. Fair skin always wins. Blah blah blah. But there is an awesome bit of irony hanging over all of this that defies the salient colorism and that is…well, just watch this…

Utilizing a sophisticated performance capture technique Saldana was able to become a ten-foot-tall blue alien warrior princess. This amazing technology renders such superficial distinctions as race, age, body type and even gender moot. Via performance capture an Asian guy could play Confederate General Robert E. Lee, a guy could play a girl or Kevin Clash, Eddie Murphy, Hank Azaria, Seth McFarlane and Andy Serkis could monopolize the entire industry. For this to happen we must first cross the valley. Hyperreal computer-generated animation is still a little ways away, but we’re getting close, very close, peep this…
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Pop Tricky: Watson Supercomputer

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The Facebook Universe
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Check out the absolutely mad serialized novella A New Way to Fall Down here.

The Facebook Universe

A network of faces from different places leaving fragmented traces

Andy Warhol is well-known for many things, but most know him solely as the peculiar-looking white-haired man who once remarked that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Prior to the social networking phenomenon whenever I heard that quote my mind would instantly conjure up an image of something akin to a Soviet-era bread line with all of us patiently awaiting our fifteen minutes in front of a video camera. Basically American Idol for everyone.

“Quick! Do something special. You only have fifteen minutes.”

But now we have Facebook and well, that changes everything. No need for a claustrophobic fifteen-minute time frame to figure out just what’s special about you. With Facebook as long as you’re alive you can post and boy do we love to post. With little hesitation we willingly put it all out there. Having issues in your relationship? We know. We’ve watched it play out through a series of status updates, an abrupt relationship status change and assorted other methods of broadcasting once personal tribulations. Life is good? We know. Look at all those pictures of you dancing in nightclubs. Look at how happy you look with her. Look at the car you drive. Look at the shape you’re in.

These are all aggressively temporal states of being. Perhaps Facebook is our way of documenting all of those tiny fleeting moments of our days. We don’t want to lose a thing.

Even more peculiar is the paparazzi-like infrastructure that keeps it afloat. We’re all out there snapping pictures of ourselves, friends, family, random strangers and then posting them, tagging them and essentially creating society pages. This is paparazzi cannibalization! We’re on this thing scandalizing ourselves and others. That’s kind of like Will Smith hiding out in Brad and Angelina’s bushes trying to snap a couple pics of the family. And then we’re all chimin’ in. Saying things like “Wow, you look gorgeous!” or “Seriously, he wore that out!? OMG!!!” And odds are the he who wore that out is totally unaware he’s being talked about.
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