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A Fag, a Nigger and a Spic walk into a trap…

An ‘offensive‘ joke that references race, religion, sexuality or any other ‘sensitive’ subject matter is like a fragrant, impossible-to-resist hunk of cheese that attracts identity fetishists; brings them out into the light and then SMACK!!! traps ’em. Now we can all gawk at ’em; see just who among us is ADDICTED to their superficial identities; see who is fighting tooth-an’-nail to keep their heads above the surface; the ones afraid to dip below to that unifying regardless-of-‘who’-you-THINK-you-are-love-is-love-and-fear-is-fear place. That ‘bloody truth’ that comedians trade in.

The great thing about a (good) ‘offensive’ joke (not talkin’ about that hacky “look at me saying ‘nigger’ without any context just for a cheap unfunny thrill” shit) is how it exposes the diversity of our fakeness. I think some comics avoid mining this territory because they fear people who—simply because the comic doesn’t look like them—may feel ‘obligated’ to protest, which (given the vociferousness/notoriety/level of ‘victimhood’ of the protester) could result in the comic getting labeled (read: ceremoniously ‘branded’) a Racist™, Sexist™, Homophobe™, etc.

But you know what?

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“Take my bullshit, please!”


I know when you ‘bare your soul‘ you’re supposed to add some faux humble shit about how you hope your revelations will help someone going through a similar situation. But I ain’t gonna do anything of the narcissism-masking sort. I’m trying to divorce myself from such bullshit. By exposing the fraudulence behind my actions to friends and near-strangers (‘friends’ and ‘followers’) and just ‘regular’ strangers (those reticent lurkers/visitors) I’m essentially putting all the secrets of my best tricks out there. Now every time I ‘perform’ them I gotta worry about someone (confidently) shouting, “You didn’t really saw that broad in half! There’s two girls! One in each box! You ain’t foolin’ nobody!” And there’s no telling WHO this person will be?! It could be a friend, a family member, the girl I sent an unsolicited dick pic to, or someone I don’t even fucking know……and you know what? In a scary-as-all-hell-but-fuck-it-at-least-it’s-my-material kinda way, that shit is liberating, cathartic. Speaking of which…

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“Without y’all bullshittin’ at jobs y’all HATE there’s no me.”


[“I was afraid to come back to this comedy thing at first. Y’all were talkin’ a whole lotta shit about a’brotha. I deserved it though. I ain’t been the best dude. I hurt people, used people, abused people—not good shit. The people who I hurt told on me; they went to the gossip sites, went on radio shows. They tore my ass up real good. Tide turned against me somethin’ tough. Never feels good when that happens. It is the strangest feeling. You go from hero to villain in a flash. Everybody laughin’ at you; everybody dismissin’ you. I read the comments. I saw the posts. I know word-for-word what y’all were sayin.’ But I’m gonna let it slide. I have to. I gotta move on. I don’t care how many of y’all have seen my little-ass dick. I don’t care if y’all know I’m a little TOO into shemale…

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What if Cliff spills the beans? Speaks openly and honestly about his motivations (world tour style, either free tickets or ALL proceeds going to WEAVE). Might be able to inspire empathy—not forgiveness—JUST empathy. I can see how fucking 20-year-olds who just minutes earlier were telling you the character you played on TV was like the father they never had could eventually start to weigh on your conscience. Might not wanna look ’em in the eye anymore. Might just wanna get what you WANT out of ’em and lean on plausible deniability in the morning. I’m sure there will be some who can ‘relate’ to his revelations, even if most of us don’t go to such PHYSICAL extremes to quiet our consciences so that we can relatively guiltlessly enjoy earthly delights, we do KNOW (very well) the impetuses behind such actions. We deal with them on a daily, hourly, minutely, secondly basis. Shit can actually get to us sometimes, cause all sorts of mental crises, that’s why we (weirdly) take solace in the bad behavior of others. It gives us a target to publicly rage at; a way to publicly (and hopefully mentally) distance ourselves from the ‘bad’ shit.

Spaceman on TV


A few months ago I asked my FB friends to give me names of TV shows to write scenes for (I did a similar thing with rap artists). Here are the results of that experiment…
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