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Discounted Souls

A lot of our criticism of others seems to lowest common denominate to:

We’re so afraid of being exposed as frauds that we will readily exchange our souls for a ‘perverted’ peace of mind. ‘Perverted’ in the sense that we only experience this peace when we’re comparing and contrasting ourselves against the people we think are relatively ‘more’ wicked than us (this is the ‘soul exchange’ in action), usually in the agreeable company of those who are on the same ‘soul plan’ as us1.

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Wanna become a social media demigod? All you gotta do is find yourself a boogeyman and RELENTLESSLY dig into ’em every damn day. If you’re unsure of who ‘your’ boogeyman is, just scroll your feed/timeline, or flip through a few channels on the tube. Whoever JUMPS out at you—like whoever you just can’t fucking stand on-sight—that’s your boogeyman! And you don’t even have to work that hard to create material about ’em, the shit will just pour outta you because they’re usually attached to some real, very painful life experiences (or an intense fear, or just annoying). Well, not them EXPLICITLY, the experience had nothing to do with them. They just ‘look’ like the person or people who facilitated your negative experience, and thus becomes ‘representative’ of them.

Representatives are dope; they give us an easily discernible target to train our focus on—the formlessness of what underpinned the experiences is too difficult for us to get a satisfying grasp on; we need ‘something’ to go after with our vitriol and/or whatever latest-craze boogeyman-destroyer we’ve dreamt up. In a sense, we appropriate the ‘demonic’ spirit (aka the nebulous and universal drive to inflict pain/punish) to destroy it. Shit’s diabolically ironic.

What the Hell?


In Minecraft’s Nether you cannot sleep. The game allows you to place a bed down, but the minute you try to lie down it blows up. This got me to thinking about the concept of eternal suffering. I’ve always thought such a concept would be impossible due to our adaptability. After burning in Hell for 10,000 (equivalent) years you might get used to it…unless the suffering got incrementally worse. Now THAT would suck.

You know that devastating feeling you get when you leave an air-conditioned room and walk out into 100 degree heat? The contrast is so extreme that the heat stings you more than it would had you been out in it for a few hours. In the concept of Hell I’m presenting here the ‘air-conditioned room’ would be ‘lesser’ intense suffering, but the contrast would be just as extreme. But what would be the rate of change? To ensure maximum suffering I would think it would have to be a ridiculously small increment of time… Imagine being outside on an extremely hot day and the temperature increasing a few degrees every nanosecond, and you had no way of seeking refuge. Not even death could save you.

Now if a place like this actually exists I would like to believe that it would take a whole HELLuva lotta cuttin’ up to get banished there. Like you would have to have actually CAUSED some incremental suffering of your own. Not some mundane shit like having consensual sex with another adult after a night out at Red Lobster.

The Constant Equation


We’re all hypocrites, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. Actually, it’s the only TRUE thing. It’s the inherent ‘nature’ of everything (all this infinitely relative diverse stuff) is hypocritical. Matter ‘contradicts’ other matter; doesn’t matter if it is similar (my twin, although ‘like’ me is NOT me, he exists AWAY from me in another body) or completely different; all matter possesses a fundamental difference as every piece of matter is ‘other than’ another piece of matter. Of course there’s a twist to this: Constant contradiction cancels itself out, it means everything is differently the same—infinite fundamental difference becomes infinite fundamental sameness (∞ = ∞) which creates this tail-eating absurdity…

    We live in a world of zero absolutes—or zero 1s. But look around…ONES are ALL you see—an endless sea of absolutely defined objects. This shouldn’t be possible! There should be no-THING here, not even space to accommodate the matter. But then again…

    The fact that there are ABSOLUTELY zero absolutes IS an absolute itself! However…since this truth is made up of a mess of bullshit it’s not really A thing—just parts masquerading as a whole; only absolute in theory, not in reality, but look… Look at all this stuff… Infinite undeniable whole 1s… Everywhere!

…and around and around the circle of perception we go. Almost seeing things for what they are and then being suddenly blinded by smoke and mirrors. Like literal smoke and mirrors. Well, semi-literal smoke and mirrors: By ‘smoke’ I mean matter and by ‘mirrors’ I mean the method in which we perceive said matter: we relate everything to ourselves.

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We don’t know shit!

I should just say: ‘We are relative beings with relative feelings and thoughts about relative things’ and call it a day. But I won’t. I’ll write some convoluted-ass shit no one will read instead. Oh, and I really dig Neil DeGrasse Tyson, but that smug laughter of his makes me wanna punch Bill O’Reilly in the face.

We call this thing an ‘APPLE,’ but what does that strange array of symbols and the odd sound(s) associated with them have to do with the inherent nature of the thing? The term ‘APPLE,’ like other labels and concepts we apply to constantly changing things, are attempts to summarize the moment; an effort to sync existence with the relative speed in which we perceive it.
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Good : Evil

In this post I touched on the absurd concept of infinitely recurring ratios. Since I know very few of you are going to go over there and check it out, I’ll just copy and paste the valid bit here…

    “…let’s say I have a small garden where I grow carrots and tomatoes and let’s say every year my yield is 12:4, 12 carrots to 4 tomatoes. Let’s say this happens every year for infinity. Although the ratio favors the carrots the tomatoes will still exist infinitely. For the sake of simplicity I kept the ratio rigid. Of course there is fluctuation in the universe.”

In the post where this bit originated I was talking about the relationship between space and matter. For the sake of this post imagine the carrots representing ‘good’ and the tomatoes representing ‘evil.’ The ratio is arbitrary. Now I do not know what the ratio between good and evil is. I would like to say that it tilts in favor of good, but then what is good and what is evil? Are these hardline absolutes? Or is there some gray mixed up in there? Well, before we go any further consider this from that other post you’re not gonna read…

    “…black is black because white is white, dark is dark because light is light; it is the contrast that defines the two, the contrast exposes the lie that is duality.”

Let’s say we all possess an internal ratio (good:bad). Question is: how much of us is good and how much of us is bad? Say you’re living a good life, you donate three-quarters of your money to charity and you volunteer a majority of your time helping people in need, but one day you go on a killing spree. How would that affect the nature of your ratio? Is the killing spree more bad than your generosity was good? What if you helped way more people than you killed? Does that change anything? What are you inherently? Perhaps you are inherently nothing. Perhaps you are merely the contrast or point where the so-called duality good and evil relate to one another. In other words, you are the relationship between good and evil. Think of the two as opposing football teams and us as neutral playing fields. The playing field does not root for either team, it merely provides a space for them to play.

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Sex Machines

…well, to be frank, I think it’s gross…and it’s weird. Guys sticking their dicks in each other’s butts is just weird. I just can’t reconcile with that. An’ I don’t care if the two queens have been together for eight-hundred years either.

But two girls?

I have to admit, that one has gotten me ‘there’ a few times. But still, that shit’s evil too.


It’s perverted. Goes against what’s natural.

But you ‘naturally’ got off on it?

In a moment of weakness. Look, although I know it’s wrong, the idea of two girls isn’t gross to me.


Because women aren’t gross. Men are.

But you’re a man.

Yes, and I’m gross.

Then what does that say about the women who have slept with you?

It says that they abide by the natural laws of the universe.

How many children do you have?


Did you use birth control with the women you slept with?

Yes…sometimes…what are you getting at?

You disobeyed the natural law.

No, I didn’t. I just didn’t want any kids. Look, can we have this conversation inside? We’re in polite company out here.

Okay, after you.
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