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The Constant Equation


We’re all hypocrites, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. Actually, it’s the only TRUE thing. It’s the inherent ‘nature’ of everything (all this infinitely relative diverse stuff) is hypocritical. Matter ‘contradicts’ other matter; doesn’t matter if it is similar (my twin, although ‘like’ me is NOT me, he exists AWAY from me in another body) or completely different; all matter possesses a fundamental difference as every piece of matter is ‘other than’ another piece of matter. Of course there’s a twist to this: Constant contradiction cancels itself out, it means everything is differently the same—infinite fundamental difference becomes infinite fundamental sameness (∞ = ∞) which creates this tail-eating absurdity…

    We live in a world of zero absolutes—or zero 1s. But look around…ONES are ALL you see—an endless sea of absolutely defined objects. This shouldn’t be possible! There should be no-THING here, not even space to accommodate the matter. But then again…

    The fact that there are ABSOLUTELY zero absolutes IS an absolute itself! However…since this truth is made up of a mess of bullshit it’s not really A thing—just parts masquerading as a whole; only absolute in theory, not in reality, but look… Look at all this stuff… Infinite undeniable whole 1s… Everywhere!

…and around and around the circle of perception we go. Almost seeing things for what they are and then being suddenly blinded by smoke and mirrors. Like literal smoke and mirrors. Well, semi-literal smoke and mirrors: By ‘smoke’ I mean matter and by ‘mirrors’ I mean the method in which we perceive said matter: we relate everything to ourselves.

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The moment when we are first MADE aware that there are good things and bad things is an incredibly trying time for us. Attempting to reconcile with such a confounding duality like good and bad is maddening. For starters: Why does bad even exist? Why can’t things JUST be good? ALWAYS?!

Because we KNOW! Our knowledge of bad prevents us from being good. But there is no way for us NOT to know bad. Good and bad are relative. We can’t have one without the other…

Or CAN we?

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Nah, we’re good…


America’s basically an evolutionary Large Hadron Collider. Don’t know what we’re trying to discover by repeatedly smashing humanity’s polar opposites together though, but that might just be what makes this place so (terrifyingly) fun. And although we fight an’ squabble—like it or not (and I mean this LITERALLY) we are fucking FAMILY!!!! Dysfunctional-as-hell. All kinds’a illegitimate. But that doesn’t change these blood ties. Tangled up strains creating the cognitive dissonance that IS(!!!) the American experience!!!

We are ‘relatively’ GOOD here and we WILL get better but we MUST value our citizens!!!!! That means WE—me and you and everyone we know—have to do a better job of VALUING one another!

Oh, and fuck THEM okay. Whoever your THEM is. I don’t care if I’M your THEM. It’s not ABOUT them, it never has been. It has always been about YOU and YOUR(!!!) pursuit.

No one defines your pursuit. Once again: NO ONE DEFINES YOUR PURSUIT!!! If you say ‘racism,’ ‘sexism,’ ‘homophobia’ define it then you must’ve never REALLY pursued ANYTHING worth’a damn…probably just some weak-ass, flimsy ‘societal role’ you saw somewhere, thought fit you and threw on…but when you align your pursuit with your unique (genetically and/or God given) gift no pussy-ass ‘ism’ or ‘phobia’ will EVER be able to FORCE you to pursue a LIE!

Good : Evil

In this post I touched on the absurd concept of infinitely recurring ratios. Since I know very few of you are going to go over there and check it out, I’ll just copy and paste the valid bit here…

    “…let’s say I have a small garden where I grow carrots and tomatoes and let’s say every year my yield is 12:4, 12 carrots to 4 tomatoes. Let’s say this happens every year for infinity. Although the ratio favors the carrots the tomatoes will still exist infinitely. For the sake of simplicity I kept the ratio rigid. Of course there is fluctuation in the universe.”

In the post where this bit originated I was talking about the relationship between space and matter. For the sake of this post imagine the carrots representing ‘good’ and the tomatoes representing ‘evil.’ The ratio is arbitrary. Now I do not know what the ratio between good and evil is. I would like to say that it tilts in favor of good, but then what is good and what is evil? Are these hardline absolutes? Or is there some gray mixed up in there? Well, before we go any further consider this from that other post you’re not gonna read…

    “…black is black because white is white, dark is dark because light is light; it is the contrast that defines the two, the contrast exposes the lie that is duality.”

Let’s say we all possess an internal ratio (good:bad). Question is: how much of us is good and how much of us is bad? Say you’re living a good life, you donate three-quarters of your money to charity and you volunteer a majority of your time helping people in need, but one day you go on a killing spree. How would that affect the nature of your ratio? Is the killing spree more bad than your generosity was good? What if you helped way more people than you killed? Does that change anything? What are you inherently? Perhaps you are inherently nothing. Perhaps you are merely the contrast or point where the so-called duality good and evil relate to one another. In other words, you are the relationship between good and evil. Think of the two as opposing football teams and us as neutral playing fields. The playing field does not root for either team, it merely provides a space for them to play.

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Is ‘this’ it?

Bored? Tired of your shitty life? Tired of your shitty reality? I think I can help. Here are some crazy true stories for you. Take your pick…

Desperate for another child, mother forces daughter to inseminate herself

Man loses life savings on carnival game

Chicago woman drags ex-boyfriend’s lover under her car

What? Been there, done that? But come on…you can play your favorite game—the At Least I’m Not… game. You know the rules, read sensational stories and then wax righteous: “Yeah, I may be fucked up, but at least I’m not THAT! fucked up.” It’ll be fun. You can even post the stories on your Facebook timeline. Have all your friends join in. Get all worked up for about ten minutes. No? Damn it. Okay, well, I should have known. These stories are full of nobodies. What about some celebrity gossip?! I got breakups, DUI busts, sex tapes, drunken Twitter ramblings, non-black celebrities saying the N-word. Still no? Been there, done that too? I got some Illuminati stuff. I got this YouTube video that proves that everyone is in the Illuminati. I mean everyone. Like the whole world. Still no? Damn. How am I gonna get your attention? Oh, I know, I need to raise the stakes

I knew that would work! Gotta blow some shit up to get your attention. Nothing like a big fucking deal event happening in a big fucking deal city to big fucking deal people to stop us dead in our tracks. High body count. Airplanes turned into missiles. Billows of toxic smoke chasing people through city streets. Epic. Extraordinary. Like a movie.

Hey. Wait. Where are you going? Hold on. There’s more. I got twenty-four-hour ‘BREAKING NEWS.’ I got miscellaneous officials talking in hyper-serious robotic tones about ‘what we currently know’ and speculating on everything else (this represents the bulk of the coverage). I got ‘ordinary people’ who heretofore you didn’t know or cared to know existed. You’ll care now because the big fucking deal happened to them. You’ll see their pained faces in sappy photomontages accompanied by comically maudlin music. Oh, and don’t worry, you won’t have to come up with any heartfelt commentary of your own, I got an assload of memes for you to share. Come on, don’t you want to Mourn™? Don’t you wanna do something with all of those Thoughts and Prayers™ you’ve been collecting? If you’re worried about length of commitment just remember: you’re only connected to the big fucking deal through the media. You don’t have to actually suffer like the people who were actually affected. You can stop giving a fuck the minute the coverage ends (this depends on a few factors: social class, nationality and race of the victims; level of sensationalism, body count and potential for political exploitation). And once it’s all over you can go right back to your shitty life, your shitty reality.

“In the future, every tragedy will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” -Andy Warhol (remixed by Spaceman’s Hairdo)

Hey, I know you want to end on that ‘profound’ quote, but I gotta question: What in the hell is your point? And I’ll take your answer inside.
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The Five Second Rule

This is my John 3:16 riff. No, it’s not blasphemy, just read it, you’ll see. The only begotten Son is you…it’s me…so why do we fear the world that loves us so gently?

Maybe we’re supposed to get a little dirty sometimes. Living clean is a relative phenomenon. Is there such a thing as absolute clean? Interestingly, the cleaner we live the more temptations seem to come our way. It seems like there is a force that is always trying to pollute us, but this perception may be based upon the simple idea that when we try to live clean we become more aware of those things that can potentially pollute our relative cleanliness. This hyper awareness can lead to paranoia. But what if getting a little dirty is an evolutionary necessity? Just think about it, in order to survive we literally have to eat dirt.

But too much dirt can be harmful to our health. Too much alcohol damages the liver. Too much cholesterol blocks arteries. Excesses prevent us from healthily moving forward as a species. No matter the vice, it is the relative rarity of the experience that enhances its enjoyability. Solely pursuing our individual desires to a point where they cease to be relative rarities and more of a relative normality may be detrimental to our overall evolutionary fitness. This selfish pursuit prevents us from comparing notes (sharing experiences, DNA). Of course we need some time to do us, but when we share what we learn privately publicly we grow as a society. But what happens when our private pursuits cause us to fall?
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