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The fight to be.


“Damn, all my cliches are bouncing off this argument, but no matter what, I’m gonna keep chucking ’em at it. I’ll be damned if I give up now. I’ve been buying this school-of-thought my whole damn life, it’s even intrinsically linked to my persona. If I lose it then I’m nothing and I’ve worked so hard to be something.”

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This is an album (among others) that I turn to whenever I need to feel doper than I actually am and I think that’s hip hop’s greatest ‘virtue’ (no matter how vulgar, misogynistic, homophobic its lyrics). Its infectious, gut-rattling beats (composed of I-don’t-give-a-fuck-I’m-using-that-break-by-any-means-necessary hijacked sounds) underpinned by (absurdly) hyperbolic, singsong-y braggadocio has helped everyone from suburbanites to athletes to politicians to Fortune 500-ers to college students preparing for a final exam (of many different racial, gender, sexual and ethnic stripes) get in touch with their (respective) inner baller/boss/whatever-new-epithet-it-will-probably-pioneer-that-will-be-used-as-a-descriptor-for-bad-ass-muthafucka-who-ain’t-got-time-to-worry-about-no-bitchmade-shit.

Ambam’s Burden

Ambam gorilla
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It’s weird living with a dual-core processor that sometimes gives a WHOLE LOTTA fucks and then sometimes (virtually) none at all. Shit messes with me. Especially when it comes to ‘offending’ people. Sometimes I feel legitimately bad about it (like if I’m being childishly provocative in an effort to antagonize people, that ‘Hey look Christians, it’s the Devil fisting Christ! Doesn’t that offend you?!’ shit), other times I’m like: Fuck it, let ’em have whatever relationship they probably NEED to have with the material. It might actually be edifying for ’em; it can either test their resolve/conviction or expose their trying-WAY-too-damn-hard, self-important bullshit. As I’ve said before: I really dig comedy because it handles this in a sublimely and seemingly effortlessly way; a good joke can get you to involuntarily expose YOURSELF(!!!)….

“I KNOW I shouldn’t be laughing at this as it goes against EVERYTHING I stand for, but I just can’t HELP it.”

Justify My Rage


Trump’s like a confident, non-self-effacing physical manifestation of a certain segment of society’s id. This ain’t nothin’ new though. So-called tell-it-like-it-is (read: tell-it-how-it-relates-to-ME-in-a-way-that-confirms-my-biases) ‘leaders’ have been gettin’ down like this for ages and every group’s got a few of ’em. However, not many get this close to becoming the so-called tell-it-like-it-is (read: tell-it-how-it-relates-to-ME-in-a-way-that-confirms-my-biases) ‘leader’ of the so-called ‘free world.’ They usually just write a few books, lead a few marches and/or get a show on a cable news network.


When I first heard about the ill-fated production this film documents I scoffed (this was the late 90s), but now—after this decade-long stream of can’t-tell-one-from-the-other-fanboy-pandering comic book flicks—I would love to see an outta-left-field, gospel-of-judas-y interpretation of a beloved character. I’m talkin’ shit like a disaffected Bruce Wayne who lionizes Joe Chill for killin’ his folks because they were abusive. I wanna see young Bruce sneaking into Gotham’s unregulated orphanages under the cover of night and beating the shit outta the sadistic headmasters he once suffered under. Oh, and the Joker’s gonna be a nihilistic comedian (think Andy Kaufman, early Tom Green) who scouts the orphanages (this take is all about orphans; Batman becomes an advocate for kids the world over; has major beefs with hawkish world leaders, works to dismantle their armies) for talent to take on his humiliating touring variety show. Oh, and Bats gets his name when he’s a young orphan after he is blinded as a result of the side effects of a Roland Daggett produced experimental ADHD drug a headmaster forces him to take. Initially he’s all Helen Keller-y, but after listening to a documentary about bats he gets inspired and teaches himself echolocation.

Biases suck. I don’t care how justified they SEEM. My own biases have stopped me from even CONSIDERING certain perspectives. The worst is when I WANT to reject a perspective before I even dig into it based on what I ASSUME the person is ALL about or if some petty (usually superficial) ‘thing’ about them rubs me the wrong way. I become hyper-critical, no-benefits-all-doubts before I even read one word, watch one frame or hear one note. And when I finally do jump in I’ll pick apart things I would normally let slide or not even NOTICE if the work were by someone I was predisposed to liking. This is that…

“Damn, that was a good-ass point. Actually, wait, WHO said it? HIM?! I take that back. Dumb-ass point.”