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bLACK america

Anarchy. Over-and-over again. Why? The situation breeds it. Tension is always there. Frustration permeates. There’s never enough. Always gotta pull stunts to make ends meet. Aggressive narcissism follows when you gotta ‘resort’ to that. It’s you against the whole world. Fellow man be damned.

Imagine this resolve spreading—like a cancer—through a people, generation after generation.

One of the more detrimental costs of slavery may be the cultivation of identities and cultures centered around relative lack. (This hasn’t been ‘all’ bad. Soul food, blues, jazz and hip hop were all ingeniously wrought from this ‘lack.’) And this perpetual war against racial injustice may really just be a battle against a literal negative association. This is why the minute someone with a drop of black blood does something exceptional, some black people rush to publicly (and overcompensatingly) celebrate them…

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