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Whenever you wanna pretend like you’re a time traveler from the early 80s play this through some headphones while walking around a hyper modern city. Like one with a high volume of sharply-detailed moving images advertising an assortment of different life enhancements featuring meticulously coiffured beings that look very little like the creatures walking about you; the ones who are either contemplating the light that magically emanates from their palms or talking into the air as if they’re exalting personal gods.

Days, weeks, months, years, even decades devoid of experiential diversity compress time; creating perceptual wormholes like: New Year’s Eve celebrations that seem to run together like morning pisses.

Divine Hypocrisy

How can we reconcile with the fact that we ALL benefit from CONTEMPORARY slave labor? How can we jibe with the fact that much of what we consume—from the shoes we wore to the protest march, to the laptop we used to write the 15,000 word diatribe against patriarchy/racism/homophobia, to the phone we used to organize the sit-in—were produced by modern-day slaves? How can we JUSTIFY this? How can we be out here soap-boxing so damn hard AGAINST oppression when in a very REAL way WE are FUNDING the oppression of others? Maybe we’re ‘justice narcissists1‘; only concerned with issues that affect us. And actually, that makes perfect sense. It’s not OUR responsibility to fight for THEM. If they don’t wanna be slaves then THEY need to do something about it. After all, we’re too busy trying to get other people to treat our people fairl—

Damn it.

I know some of you are thinking: ‘What am I supposed to do, then? Nothing?’ No. Not saying that. Do whatever you want. Just pointing out a peculiar little unavoidable irony. Also, it might not be all that bad to take a couple moments to, at the very least, CONSIDER our stances before rushing to be a part of SOMETHING just because we see some people who look like us in the crowd. Speaking of ‘looking like us,’ let’s address this race stuff (again) real quick…

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Ahead of Time


I think we underestimate the technologically advanced society that is/was/will be our world without hyper-relative clocks. Those tick-tockin’ sumbitches that produce arbitrary nonsense like 3:27, 2143 or the hyper-gay ‘half past ten.’ Imagine these pedantic-ass robots gone, our knowledge of ’em gone too. Imagine the No Man’s Sky-like experience perceiving the world would be! (Nights would last forever). No constant reminder of how close we are from sunset, sunrise. We could just take it easy. The light will show itself eventually, as will the dark, and even THEN we STILL got a’few more MOMENTS until ‘absolute either’ takes over/goes away.

I think this dynamic led to feats of engineering like what we see above. Our ancestors weren’t slaves to time, they relished in moments, they understood that light and dark are two deeply connected states. Actually, we STILL understand this…so why did we have to go an’ break ’em up into a’buncha little bits? Now we got buses an’ trains that leave at 6:54. 6:54???!!! That’s such an exact-ass time! Makes sense though. We gotta be at an exact-ass place at an exact-ass time.

This is the ‘exacting’ world we’ve created for ourselves: A series of relative points scattered about the globe and us incessantly counting how many ‘beats‘ we can squeeze in-between them.

We seem to be prisoners of our respective ages of innocence (or ‘ages of blissful ignorance’), and as such: art we associate with these times is held in high regard; oftentimes it is the only thing that remains ‘true’ after the moments fade. We get older, world weary, fatter, slower; ‘wisdom’ murders our ignorance-fueled optimism. We change while ‘it’ stays the same. Like a defiant anchor in time.

Thankfully, we have this awesome time-travel/nostalgia-porn machine also known as the internet where we can call up songs, music videos, cartoons, commercials, film clips, et cetera—all with tremendous ease. All we gotta do is input a few keywords and within seconds we’re staring at the past through the jaded eyes of the present. Basking in the glow of a time when everything was ‘better’ while (ironically) ignoring the fact that—right now—a younger generation is cultivating their blissful age of ignorant innocence.

While I’m on this they-don’t-make-’em-like-they-used-to hype: A lot of the ‘my era versus your era‘ music debates reference work that was introduced to us via mainstream channels (radio, record labels, TV, magazines, etc.); so the debates are really about which era’s media corporations had better taste. Most of us weren’t participants in the movements that spawned the music we now embrace as our own; we were simply eager consumers waiting for a record exec to deliver HIS opinion of a subculture’s most palatable expression to our radios, TVs and stores. Nothin’ new about this though. The Catholic Church—one of the biggest media conglomerates of its age—brought us artists like Michelangelo. Oh, and Mike even had a beef!

On Acting: the surface and the spirit

Click the hyperlinks for a more comprehensive understanding…I know, I say that all the time, but I mean it…the article is the surface, the links are the spirit underneath…see what I did there? Clever, right? To be honest, you can just watch the embedded videos and click the links, you don’t even have to read the damn article.

The internet is abuzz with criticism about the casting of Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone. Most of it (damn near all of it) centers around the fact that Saldana is of a significantly lighter hue than Simone. Why is this such a big deal? Well, Hollywood isn’t exactly teeming with opportunities for darker-skinned black women so when a huge role like this comes along that seems tailor-made for a darker-skinned actress but instead is given to a lighter-skinned actress people get mad. I understand the frustration. I get it. More of the same. Fair skin always wins. Blah blah blah. But there is an awesome bit of irony hanging over all of this that defies the salient colorism and that is…well, just watch this…

Utilizing a sophisticated performance capture technique Saldana was able to become a ten-foot-tall blue alien warrior princess. This amazing technology renders such superficial distinctions as race, age, body type and even gender moot. Via performance capture an Asian guy could play Confederate General Robert E. Lee, a guy could play a girl or Kevin Clash, Eddie Murphy, Hank Azaria, Seth McFarlane and Andy Serkis could monopolize the entire industry. For this to happen we must first cross the valley. Hyperreal computer-generated animation is still a little ways away, but we’re getting close, very close, peep this…
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Real Time

Everything happens in real time. Not tick-tock time, but REAL time. Like right here, right now. Stars are born in real time. A tree grows in real time. Its fruits ripen in real time. We consume said fruits in real time. Milliseconds, inches, days, nor years can contain real time…units of measurement merely share the space of the infinite moment. It’s all happening right now…doesn’t matter if it happened way back then or has yet to be…it has, is and will always happen right now…right here…right everywhere. The infinite moment surrounds us. The infinite moment is within us. We are part of it and it is part of us.