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persistence of perception

We, meaning humans, are transforming into another life-form at this very moment. Matter of fact, we have yet to settle into this ‘HUMAN’ form. The story of matter isn’t a linear one. It’s round. Cyclical. Constantly changing. Never settling. States of being are nothing but illusory surfaces we perceive as absolute reality because we are incapable of perceiving the relatively subtle changes that are always occurring. The information our brains receive via our senses is but a mere fraction of what is out there. We can accentuate these senses with mechanical contrivances but they too settle on surfaces. As a result we will always be left with only a relative few dimensions of existence to perceive. And while we spend most of our time wondering, and bickering, about the existence of a higher power and what lies beyond death we remain blissfully ignorant to the infinite dimensions of existence all around us and within us. There is so much more to now. Right now. The infinite moment.

RE: Action


In this post I discussed how our actions are the result of factors outside of our control—factors such as environment (which includes our physical surroundings, culture, family, friends, acquaintances, enemies, etc.) and the programs that instruct matter’s development (note the circle there: the programs within us and the elements in our universe shape our environment which in turn shapes us). Essentially, there is no such thing as control. Free will is an illusion.

I know, sounds disconcerting and a bit unbelievable; especially given the fact that at this very moment you are probably pondering several different options, everything from “Should I continue reading this nonsense?” to “What is my true passion in life?”…and I’m certain you think you have a lot to do with the decision you will eventually settle on. But you are an illusion, an amalgam of the factors mentioned above. This life that we perceive as a series of hmmmm moments is really just a series of tug-of-war matches between these factors. We are merely the neutral facilitator—the space where the game is played (the : in the one option : other option ratio). But why? Why do we—damn it……alter-ego, are you there?
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We don’t know shit!

I should just say: ‘We are relative beings with relative feelings and thoughts about relative things’ and call it a day. But I won’t. I’ll write some convoluted-ass shit no one will read instead. Oh, and I really dig Neil DeGrasse Tyson, but that smug laughter of his makes me wanna punch Bill O’Reilly in the face.

We call this thing an ‘APPLE,’ but what does that strange array of symbols and the odd sound(s) associated with them have to do with the inherent nature of the thing? The term ‘APPLE,’ like other labels and concepts we apply to constantly changing things, are attempts to summarize the moment; an effort to sync existence with the relative speed in which we perceive it.
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“I’ll never forget that time we visited Quinn Aevan Studios. One of the modelers there showed me this program that recreated fluids. In real time he splashed virtual blood onto a virtual wooden floor. Scared the shit outta me. It flowed and stained so realistically. He implored me to try. It was simple, he said. All I had to do was pass my hand over this slim black bar and blood would fly everywhere. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t like how excited he was. He seemed mad.”

INT./EXT.01 by Ray G.

1 + 1 = ?


Equality is all the rage. Not like ‘currently in the news all-the-rage,’ I mean it seems to be what we’re always raging about. But what does equality equal? Truth is we will never know because where ‘true’ equality exists the concept of equality ceases to exist. 1 + 1 would equal 1 in the Truly Equal world. There would be no concept of 2 as 2 suggests inequality.

Only when we become ‘absolutely’ ignorant to the concept of equality will we be truly equal.
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Here’s how my dyslexic-ass understands pi: A circle is a shape without edges therefore it is impossible to finitely measure its circumference or diameter, hence the irrationality that occurs when we try to determine the ratio between the two (circles are infinitely curvy). Before I go any further I must say: This post is in no way a geometry lesson. First off, I am horrible at maths and secondly, I am more interested in exploring the nature and theory of roundness than ‘hard math.’ If you are a number purist you may find this post asinine and a bit aggravating so I recommend you not waste your time and go check this out instead. For those of you interested in pi as interpretive dance come on in. I would love to have ya.

Cue the music.
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Black : White


Imagine if you will a black baby plucked away from his mother the moment he is born and taken to a stark white room. He is fed via mechanical arms that descend into the room at perfectly timed interv—

What in the hell are you talking about?

You’ll see. The ‘white room’ bit is going to lead into some stuff about the relative nature of race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, culture, et cetera.

Oh, so more of the same. Here, let me save you some time: Race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, culture, et cetera are all illusory. Dark is dark because light is light; it is the contrast that defines the two, the contrast exposes the lie that is duality. Can we go home now?

Well…that’s pretty much it…I guess I can wrap this up now.
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