It’s so damn weird how we IMMEDIATELY label someone if they hit a few of the stereotypes for their race. sex, nationality, religion, look, clothing preference, etc. You know the routine: Say there’s a girl who is pretty AND does some stuck-up shit here-and-there she becomes a ‘typical’ stuck-up pretty girl who ‘thinks she’s all that’ before we find out ANYTHING else about her. Maybe we WANTED to hate her. Maybe we were LOOKING for a reason to and she delivered us a stereotypical gem. Now we have a place for the hate we were harboring. So do our hateful-ass friends! They wanted to hate her too! We talked about it constantly! Well, not about ‘wanting’ to hate her. We would never expose ourselves like that. We just speculated about HER and what she would ‘more than likely’ be so AS SOON as she did some ‘stuck-up shit’ we were ready!

Let’s say our Stuck-Up Pretty Girl™ becomes aware of this perception. Let’s say it is ‘typically’ held by girls who aren’t ‘typically’ considered pretty. Now you don’t have to be a scholar to know what ‘our hero’ is gonna do with that…

    “Jealous bitches always hatin’ on me because I’m cute. They WISH they could look this good.”

She lets her OWN hate go. And OF COURSE they are gonna fire back. She just fed them a big-ass piece of ‘hate-justification.’ Although Stuck-Up disagrees with their assertion about her character, she is playing THEIR game (and that’s all they really wanted). A game they are VERY good at…

    “Bitch, who do you think you are? I ain’t jealous of you. Stuck-up bitches always thinking someone is jealous of them! I’m just mad that you take all those selfies in that dirty-ass room of yours. And if you so pretty, why don’t you have a man? Tired bitch.”

See how it works? And this shit will keep going and going until someone has enough and closes the loop. Oh, and don’t worry if the person you WANT to hate doesn’t return the favor. Remember, it’s not about them. To you they were only a couple of stereotypical beats anyway, not a REAL person. Ain’t that awesome?! Hate LOVES you so much it just tosses out old unresponsive ‘hate impetuses’ and delivers new one after new one. So don’t worry, you’re sure to find other people to hate. All you gotta do is check off a couple things and you’ll be in there hatin’ the fuck outta their swimwear…and with so many REASONS to choose from how can you lose? Seriously, how many ways can you lose?

Sinful-Sex Spawn

Waterhouse Nymphs

    J.M. Waterhouse, Hylas and the Nymphs (1896)

If you look back on the long history of sexual unions that preceded and are responsible for your birth you will find many that were absent of love or even consent. That may be where all this ‘born into sin’ business comes from. We feel shamed by our history of unsanctified (by love) unions? We seek holiness, but how can we ever be holy if we’re the product of several loveless roll-arounds. In other words: We are here BECAUSE of lust; dirty dirty lust for the even dirtier flesh. Heathens by birth. Wow. Helluva burden to bear right off the bat. But there is a silver-lining. A GLORIOUS one. Love found a way through all of that DIRECTLY to YOU. You are HERE and you possess a gift for the world. A unique, special something and only YOU know what it is. It’s that thing you REALLY want to do, but can’t because everything ELSE keeps getting in the way. That thing that could inspire others to open their gifts which in turn could inspire—you know the rest. What if by sharing your gift you are helping to spread love? And it’s not all about ‘being positive.’ Sometimes our gifts allow us and others to POSITIVELY cope with NEGATIVE things.



The moment when we are first MADE aware that there are good things and bad things is an incredibly trying time for us. Attempting to reconcile with such a confounding duality like good and bad is maddening. For starters: Why does bad even exist? Why can’t things JUST be good? ALWAYS?!

Because we KNOW! Our knowledge of bad prevents us from being good. But there is no way for us NOT to know bad. Good and bad are relative. We can’t have one without the other…

Or CAN we?
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We seem to be prisoners of our respective ages of innocence. Those halcyon days of blissful ignorance. More possibilities then. More magic then. Art we associate with our ‘age of innocence’ we hold in high regard because oftentimes it is the only thing that remains ‘true’ after the moments are long gone. We get older, world weary, fatter, slower; ‘wisdom’ murders our ignorance-fueled optimism—we change while ‘it’ stays the same. Like a defiant anchor in time.

Interestingly, we have this awesome time travel/nostalgia porn machine called YouTube where we can call up songs, music videos, cartoons, film clips, et cetera with tremendous ease. All we need are a few keywords and within seconds we’re staring at our past through the jaded eyes of the present, blissfully ignorant to the fact that RIGHT NOW is somebody else’s ‘age of innocence.’ How ironic.

A lot of ‘my age versus your age‘ music debates reference work that was introduced to us via mainstream channels (radio, record labels, TV, magazines, etc.); so the debate is really about which era’s media corporations had better taste. Many of us were not participants in the movements that spawned the music we now embrace as our own; we were simply eager consumers waiting for a record exec to deliver HIS opinion of a subculture’s most palatable expression to our radios, TVs and stores. Nothin’ new about this though. The Catholic Church—one of the biggest media conglomerates of its age—brought us Michelangelo. Oh, and Mike even had a beef!

“The Moment My History Was Born”

They’re gonna find all our shit. All these digital bits. BE WARNED!!!!! Social media sites are gonna become the Ancestry.com of the distant future. I’m not being coy either, I guarantee this is going to happen. Some of you are probably thinking to yourselves, “How can this fool guarantee anything, he don’t no shit!” and some of you would be right, but why not take a few shots? See if you can hit a FUTURE target. If it all comes true these words will SEEM like prophecy. Ain’t this shit divinely hilarious y’all? We’re on here messin’ around and our descendants are gonna think we were fortune-tellers, wise beyond our ancient age. Just like we think of those who came before us. We act like they didn’t crack ONE joke. Moving on… I present to you: “The Moment My History Was Born”…

The Moment My History Was Born

Here’s the setup: Young woman hires future genealogy service to find traces of her ancient relative in what they call The Ether. The above is the ONLY piece they were able to excavate from the data. At the moment the technician is worried that the young woman might be disappointed, but he is surprised when her face lights up, full grin. Her eyes begin to well, she can’t believe she is ‘looking’ at the words of her grandest known matriarch. She’s curious about one thing though, she asks the tech, “What in the hell is a ‘lil wayne?'”

He replies, “Well—unlike your ancestor who didn’t share very much; and as a result we didn’t have much data available; her name only pops up a few times, not much data beyond an indication of her presence follows these hits though—such is not the case with ‘lil wayne,’ there is extensive information regarding him. Here, I’ll show you.”
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I was all set to say something mad light-skinned about hip hop and its culture of hate. I’m not talking about racism, homophobia, misogyny or any of that though. I’m talking about its ‘internal’ hate culture. The “that nigga’s gahbij,” “his beats are wack,” “he don’t even write his own shit” cognoscenti. (I wonder what circles are full of the most internal hate? Underground? Mainstream?) I was ready to go all-the-way in on that, but then something hit me: What if the ‘tough crowd’ aspect of hip hop is a major part of its appeal?

I think EVERY emcee’s goal is to spit something that is UNDENIABLY ‘good.’ Like… “…no matter what niggas say, THEY KNOW those bars were nice. Niggas ain’t fuckin’ wit’ me out here! I’m the nicest cat doin’ this shit right now.” I think EVERY emcee wants to reach a level of SELF-confidence where they TRULY believe such assertions about themselves; get to a point of such RIDICULOUS confidence that you can be in a room fulla cats makin’ the same claims and STILL feel like you are the ABSOLUTE shit! Matter of fact, THOSE other cats will be HELPING boost YOUR confidence! And you’ll be helping THEM!!! Everybody is raising everybody’s game because everybody is trying to spit that undeniable shit. That impossible shit.


Try saying ‘can’ instead of ‘could.’ ‘Could’ is hopeful whereas ‘can’ is action-oriented. ‘Could’ leaves space for fake roadblocks like racism, sexism and homophobia to ‘but’ in. “I COULD write that book I’ve been meanin’ to write, but no one will read it.” Try reading that same sentence with ‘can’ and see if you don’t feel like you’re completely full of shit.

‘Could’ leaves the door open, ‘can’ closes it on his way out that bitch.


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