During tax time I came across a Facebook post for a well-known tax-preparation company and the vast majority of the commentary that followed reduced to this: “They charge too much. It’s cheaper to prepare your own taxes. And you get more money back.” which meant that instead of merely ‘liking’ the first instance of this popular opinion people felt compelled to offer up ad nauseum cover versions of it. This is a phenomenon you will see under damn near every popular article on the web. Very little banter, just over-eager parrots. But why do we do this?

Maybe it has something to do with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
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TimeView addiction is no laughing matter…

    “WHERE ARE YOU MOM???!!! I must find you! I miss you so much! The Face Book record said you were supposed to be by the statue. Right there! Where are you mom?! I wanna SEE you! I miss you so much! You’re supposed to be right there! Right NOW!!!!! MOM!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU???????!!!!!!!”

    Ursula Gray, 87

Don’t let the people you love become addicted to TimeView. Intervention isn’t being nosy, it’s being necessary.

Anarchy. Over-and-over again. Why? The situation breeds it. The tension is always there. Frustration permeates. There’s never enough. Always gotta pull stunts to make ends meet. Aggressive narcissism follows when you gotta ‘resort’ to that. It’s you against the whole world then. Fellow man be damned. Imagine this resolve–like a cancer–spreading through a people generation after generation.

I’ll leave you with the words of the renowned black American writer Dr. Jamison T. Bailey. The following passage is from his seminal 1964 book The Modern Negro
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“my savior”

my savior

“She was a for-real, on-the-stroll, twenty-inch heels an’ fishnet stockin’ wearin,’ John collectin,’ ruthless-pimp havin’ ho. She walked back-and-forth, up-and-down streets all over this country–and a couple around the world–for many, many years. But now–now she’s in a totally different world. Square job. Nice house. Luxury sedan out front. She’s doin’ all right for herself. She really values what she has too. She tells me she doesn’t miss her old life at all. She said it had its moments–the best were what she calls the fun-scary moments. Speaking of which…
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The Constant Equation


We’re all hypocrites, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. Actually, it’s the only TRUE thing. The inherent ‘nature’ of everything (all this infinitely relative diverse stuff) is hypocritical. Matter ‘contradicts’ other matter; doesn’t matter if it is similar (my twin, although ‘like’ me is NOT me, he exists AWAY from me in another body) or completely different; all matter possesses a fundamental difference as every piece of matter is ‘other than’ another piece of matter. Of course there’s a twist on this: Constant contradiction cancels itself out, it means everything is differently the same–infinite fundamental difference becomes infinite fundamental sameness (∞=) which creates this tail-eating absurdity…

    We live in a world of zero absolutes–or zero 1s. But look around…ONES are ALL you see–an endless sea of absolutely defined objects. This shouldn’t be possible! There should be no-THING here, not even space to accommodate the matter. But then again…

    The fact that there are ABSOLUTELY zero absolutes IS an absolute itself! However…since this truth is made up of a mess of bullshit it’s not really A thing–just parts masquerading as a whole; only absolute in theory, not in reality, but look… Look at all this stuff… Infinite undeniable whole 1s… Everywhere!

…and around and around the circle of perception we go. Almost seeing things for what they are and then suddenly blinded by smoke and mirrors. Like literal smoke and mirrors. Well, semi-literal smoke and mirrors: By ‘smoke’ I mean matter and by ‘mirrors’ I mean the method in which we perceive said matter: we relate everything to ourselves.
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just me and you…

Something just hit me: I’m being calculatingly transparent with y’all. Yeah, some of the posts feature personal truths, but those are ‘works’ that take days, sometimes weeks to complete (due to laziness mostly). I seldom just jump on here and tell you what’s REALLY going on. No graphics. No dressing.

Here goes…

First off… I’m a real muthafucking person, just like YOU! That has to be said off top. Secondly… I’m somewhat shocked and then somewhat not by this uncomfortable space a recent ex’s ‘new’ happiness put me. I mean ‘where I allowed it to put me.’ What?! Nah. No need to flip-it-around just yet. The shit was weird. Stung a little. Raised more questions than anything else though. Questions I must put out of my mind. Only leads to me feeling bitter about an-other’s happiness and that’s that bullshit (that lonely rabbit-hole shit. Huddled in a corner. With multi-layered fantasies about what “they’re” doing on your mind constantly, that’s all “you’re” ‘doing’). Plus, I don’t have any space for ‘em. I need room for these awesome ideas to roam around. Speaking of which, any real-life FREE1s out there wanna help bring some of my crazier, untamed ideas into fruition. Dead serious.


I just realized I installed a ‘hate box’ in my letters section. My whiny-ass letters section. Fuck it. Let’s see what happens.

Spaceman on TV


A few months ago I asked my FB friends to give me names of TV shows to write scenes for (I did a similar thing with rap artists). Here are the results of that experiment…
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