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Naturally Artificial


I’ve always taken issue with the notions that humans ‘play’ God, or that our creations are ‘artificial’ or ‘unnatural’ as everything we create is composed of elements found within our universe. Yes, some of our creations may be syntheses of (oftentimes other synthesized) elements, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the elements, like us, are NATURALLY occurring. Also, all these creations evolve into existence through our natural-ass hands and are products of our natural-ass minds which are driven by natural-ass genetic predispositions. In this way—cities, high-tech gadgetry and everything else we create are no different than anthills or termite colonies. (What may set us apart, however, is our hyper meticulously obsessive method of creation.) It’s hard for us to divorce ourselves from our perception of ourselves as a superior species to see this though; to understand just how ‘naked’ we are in the universe. We are just so damn full of ourselves. But what if we can’t help it? What if we—due to the fact that WE are all we know‘have no choice’ but to perceive other species, our world and the broader universe as it RELATES to US—a mountain is ‘large’ because it is ‘bigger’ than US, an ant is ‘little’ because it is ‘smaller’ than US. Interestingly, it is this basic bigger-than/smaller-than concept that dictates how we FEEL about every goddamn (relative) thing around us, from the examples mentioned to the infinite vagaries of the infinite universe. Doesn’t matter the matter, we always start with 1.

As comedian Eddie Izzard once remarked(?) the only thing ironic about this song is the fact that none of the things mentioned are ironic.

I’m really starting to think ‘the thing we call God’ IS irony (or should it be ‘the thing we call irony’ IS God?). Ever notice how any time we try to force an absolute something pops up that contradicts it? Hell, I was just contradicted WITHIN that last sentence!!! I basically said there are ABSOLUTELY no absolutes. That doesn’t even make sense. (It’s unironically ironic.) But that is PRECISELY the point! ‘The thing we call God’ will always exist OUTSIDE of our realm of understanding, but at the same TIME he/she/it/π exists WITHIN us.


Things don’t have to START off real in order to BECOME real. Take this ridiculously popular film franchise for example. George Lucas (and teams of other artists) created a cinematic world so dense, so awe-inspiring that it leapt off the screen and into novels, comic books, cartoon series, videogames, toys, clothing and most importantly US. There’s even a canon that fans are adamant about maintaining. Star Wars is now a thing that both fans and non-fans alike are able to recognize with very little information; a flash of a character’s face, a stab of the score or a sound effect is all it takes.

Crazy thing is: This franchise has only been around for a few decades and it’s already achieved this ‘transcendent’ status. Imagine how much REALER it will become when all of the original artists and fans who are aware of its TRUE ‘fake’ origins die off, but yet IT remains. This is a very REAL possibility as Star Wars is a thing that ‘lives’ within the hearts of MILLIONS of people all over the world (a profound density). People LOVE it and the love is what will, and has, propelled it through time. I don’t know ‘howit will evolve as it comes in contact with different iterations of us along the way, but I’m sure a core principle or principles will remain. I’m sure there will be something there that people of our age would STILL recognize.

And this my friends is how LOVE—and PASSION—subvert TIME. No matter how much a thing evolves—like Darth Vader could become a dude named Kurt Swanson—the love will be the REASON it evolves. Just think about it: The old timeless classics we sing along to; do we sing them out of hate? What about those recipes that have been passed down through generations? The stories? Is it the details of these things that is important or what they are ABOUT that is important? I’m not saying that the details are ‘bad,’ but they do ‘lie.’ Constantly. It’s kinda their nature. They’re ALWAYS evolving, changing shape, functionality, but the love…that lasts forever. Well, I (would like to) BELIEVE it does.

Why you treat me so bad?

Wile E. Coyote’s constant pursuit of the Roadrunner seems to be less a hunt for food and more a hunt for his grand purpose: Is he fated to be the whipping-boy of his sparsely populated universe? Will the clueless, vapid roadrunner forever be granted favor at his EXPENSE? After an eternity of trial-and-error it seems he has resolved to a hey-I-get-it-God-you-kinda-hate-me-but-I’m-NEVER-gonna-stop-even-though-I-KNOW-I’m-gonna-fail-BECAUSE-of-you existence. It’s as if he is defying God via obsessively relentless perseverance.

Many wonder why Wile E. doesn’t try the same thing twice. Especially when considering some of his best ideas are only ruined by minor, easily rectifiable issues. I think it speaks to his anarchistic spirit. Wile E. is an anarchist in the truest sense. Most think anarchy is simply a temporarily absurd means to a consistently mundane end, but really it’s constant difference. One could say Wile’s anarchistic nature mirrors the universe he occupies which operates under a set of constantly shifting physical laws, but actually these laws are not as arbitrary as they seem; they are explicitly orderly in that they work to ensure the roadrunner’s unmolested existence. The only TRUE anarchist in this equation is Mr. Coyote.

Imagine living for an eternity in a world that constantly conspired to keep you away from the ONE thing you desired. Imagine that thing being presented to you each-and-everyday as if to mock you, spite you. How would you handle this? Would you give up or challenge the mocking force? Wile E. is a genius in a world that favors stupidity, but he refuses to acquiesce to it. Matter of fact, he decides to raise the bar each and every time in an effort to flip-the-tables on God. In this way Wile E. can be consi—
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Save Us


    Andrea Mantegna, Lamentation of Christ

There is something about what Jesus represents that I cannot hate—no matter how annoyed I become with his most ardent followers—and that is the mind-obliterating concept of ABSOLUTE love; that crazy thing where no matter what someone fires at you the only thing you fire back is love. Always. Forever. That’s @#$%ing absurd! I would like to believe that there is/was/will always be at least ONE real flesh-an’-blood being who gets down like this. I don’t care who or what they are. I just think that it would be cool-as-hell if there were a person or better yet—people—who ACTUALLY gave zero @#$%s walking around; that’s what it takes to be an absolute lover. You have to give not one iota of a @#$% what a person looks like, sounds like, smells like, walks like, where they come from, where they’re going, who they’re related to, what they did, what they’re currently DOING, what they’re thinking about doing, their gender, sexuality, religion, height, weight, etc. You gotta love ’em regardless. Actually, let’s lose the ‘gotta.’ True Lovers don’t feel obligated to love. It’s just WHO they are. Speaking of ‘who’…

What does Jesus look like…to YOU? Is he white, black, Bangladeshi? Does he even have a face? A shape? What is the nature of his physical being? Does any of this even matter? Perhaps the only REAL thing about him is your belief in him; and why can’t that be enough? Why must we incessantly bicker over what the dude looked like? Or whether or not he even existed? Speaking of whether or not he even existed…
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The Constant Equation


We’re all hypocrites, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. Actually, it’s the only TRUE thing. It’s the inherent ‘nature’ of everything (all this infinitely relative diverse stuff) is hypocritical. Matter ‘contradicts’ other matter; doesn’t matter if it is similar (my twin, although ‘like’ me is NOT me, he exists AWAY from me in another body) or completely different; all matter possesses a fundamental difference as every piece of matter is ‘other than’ another piece of matter. Of course there’s a twist to this: Constant contradiction cancels itself out, it means everything is differently the same—infinite fundamental difference becomes infinite fundamental sameness (∞ = ∞) which creates this tail-eating absurdity…

    We live in a world of zero absolutes—or zero 1s. But look around…ONES are ALL you see—an endless sea of absolutely defined objects. This shouldn’t be possible! There should be no-THING here, not even space to accommodate the matter. But then again…

    The fact that there are ABSOLUTELY zero absolutes IS an absolute itself! However…since this truth is made up of a mess of bullshit it’s not really A thing—just parts masquerading as a whole; only absolute in theory, not in reality, but look… Look at all this stuff… Infinite undeniable whole 1s… Everywhere!

…and around and around the circle of perception we go. Almost seeing things for what they are and then being suddenly blinded by smoke and mirrors. Like literal smoke and mirrors. Well, semi-literal smoke and mirrors: By ‘smoke’ I mean matter and by ‘mirrors’ I mean the method in which we perceive said matter: we relate everything to ourselves.

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Practical Prophecy

I wanna talk about prophecy for a second. Oh, and don’t be afraid of that word. For the sake of this post it means a collection-of-past-truths-aligning-with-present-truths-usually-presented-in-allegorical-form. The ‘allegorical-form’ is key. That’s where the sleight-of-hand happens. Saying something like Joe Buckchik will visit a Marriot on 1834 Pell Street in Philadelphia on September 21, 2049 is too precise. If Joe doesn’t show you will lose some prophet credibility. You have to make your prophetic vision specifically nebulous. You won’t get many hits if you deal in specifically specific. I’m not saying it’s impossible. It very much is, and if you do get some hits—even if you only get ONE hit—you can raise your prophet-level significantly; but what you really wanna do is nail a ‘feeling.’ That’s what the colorful allegorical language does so bloody well. It stretches through time and makes us feel something and that right there is an incredible feat.
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